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Operation: Cut-Throat - Halloween Supplies
This event has ended.


Content Update: Tower will be released tomorrow, and with it, our new Operation: Cut-Throat!

October 30, until Wednesday, November 13, get kills with your Pumpkin-fly do earn awesome rewards in-game!

In addition, we've prepared a small bundle of goodies for you, so that you don't get too scared out there in the dark.

Use the code
HALLOWEEN2019 to get:

  • 7 Days 30% GP Boost
  • 7 Days 30% EXP Boost
  • 13,000 GP
  • 25 CHIPs
  • 7 Days EMP and Magnum Bullets (fresh from Content Update:Tower!)
  • 7 Days Pietro Vector
  • 7 Days Overlab K2C
  • 7 Days Autumn Karambit Knife (for proper throat-cutting)
  • 1 Day Ballistic Shield (more new stuff!)

  • Operation: Cut-Throat Halloween Supplies