Discover some of Ironsight's Maps and Modes


Thank you for joining us on your mission briefing. I have received directives from HQ and it's a mess out there! We've gotten the details of your future mission assignments and we have a lot to cover! The clock's ticking and this will be our last briefing before you're sent out on the field! So listen up and report to your direct superior once you've been selected for your next operation.

Today, we will cover some of the locations and missions available in Ironsight. These game maps and modes will be available from the start of the Closed Beta Testing on November 14th.

Join the continent-spanning battlefield!

Ironsight takes place in diverse, remote, and, more often than not, dangerous locations around the globe. Mercenaries are sent to these sites to secure strategic infrastructures and resources for their respective sides. Each map demands different strategies and tactics to fully utilize covers, flanking routes, vantage points, and hazardous environments. Explore them thoroughly to find the best lookouts and drones to help you control the map and defeat the enemy team.

Here are some of the maps that you will find in Ironsight:


Following the Tsunami, the dam was on the verge of collapse. In the midst of the NAF's disarray, EDEN reconstructed then privatized it. It is now being used as its own power station. The NAF disliked this turn of events and promptly re-nationalized it, of course to EDEN ire.

Your best course of action on this map is to secure the top balcony in the center. Getting to the top allows you to cover both sides of the map and provide suppressive fire on the enemy team's route from their spawn point. The best route to control the balcony are the two cranes. These give each team direct access from their spawning areas to the back of the upper balcony. Hop from platform to platform to flank your enemies to prevent them from gaining the high ground on the balcony's unique blind spot! Air support drones will give you an advantage in clearing the upper balcony, but snipers will use the blind spot as a nest to detect and eliminate incoming hostiles.


The NAF's absolutist doctrine was not well received by some segments of the population. A resistance movement sprung up to oppose it, but the government's brutal repression drove it underground. Taking note of this, EDEN started supporting the movement with funds and weapons.

This map can be nerve-wracking, as the center area can be accessed from all sides. Holding the middle section will, therefore, require precise and constant communication with your teammates to stop incoming waves of enemies. Entry points are all around the shopping mall and can serve in your flanking maneuvres. Inside the mall, prioritize close range and rapid burst fire weapons to quickly deal with threats around every corner. Watch out for grenades and explosive equipments as they will be hard to dodge in these close quarters. And lastly, don't forget to equip tactical drones to reveal or sabotage your enemies.

A private ICBM launch complex that was abandoned when the energy supply was cut off. NAF took over the facility and renovated it, using Trinitium as a power source. EDEN has now sent PMCs in to shut it down. A pretty straight-forward map.

After spawning, you can reach the central missile launch pad where most of the action will happen. Witness in awe as rockets gradually assemble and launch in the revolving circular platform. The three windows in the nearby facilities offer good cover and a view of that area, so secure it as fast as possible! Only 2 flanking options are available: through the underground D tunnel in the western side of the map or through the test chambers in the eastern areas B and C. Mid to long range weapons will more efficiently support your teammates in the launching area. Use the missile launch smoke screen to surprise the opposing side, but make sure not to get caught in the blast or you will take damage from it! Equip supporting drones such as the Escort or the Gorgon drone to provide support from the windows around the launch area.

Experience your favorite shooter game modes!

Ironsight will challenge you in different game modes. Rediscover the all-time favorites such as deathmatch and plant the bomb with the added Ironsight flair! Test your skills and build up your kill count, or play in objective-focused modes to show your teamwork and coordination! Be sure to try each and every one of them and tinker with your equipment until you've mastered them all! Depending on the mode you play, certain weapons, equipment and even drones will be more effective!

Here are some of the modes available in Ironsight:



The bread and butter of shooter games! Team up with your friends and kill all the enemies until you reach the score goal! The winning team is the one that reaches the score goal first, or with the highest kill score by the end of the time limit. Kills are your only objective! Destroy hostiles on sight while surviving their assaults! This mode is the ultimate First-Person-Shooter test and will challenge your skills and reflexes!


Search and Destroy

Ironsight's take on the classic plant the bomb mode. One team needs to plant the bomb in one of two designated areas, while the other team defends these locations. Your team wins if you have won the required amount of rounds while either attacking or defending. To win a round, if you're the attacking team you must successfully plant the bomb before the timer runs out and if you're the defending team you must kill the entire attacking team before they can plant the bomb or defuse it successfully. Teamwork here is key for victory!



The rules are simple. You and your team have to capture a specific control point by standing on it. The longer you stay on it the more points you score. The round ends once one of the teams captured the point, or when the timer runs out. In this case, the team with the highest control score wins the round. The winning team is the one with most rounds won.

Remember, these maps and modes will be available in our Closed Beta Testing starting November 14th! So get ready to test them all and become the ultimate Ironsight Mercenary! More maps and modes will be added to our North American and European servers after the end of our Closed Beta. So, stay tuned for more updates on these subjects in the near future!

The Ironsight Team