Closed Beta debriefing!


I'm proud of you all! HQ was right to select you for this recon mission. Thanks to your valiant efforts on the battlefield, we will soon be able to send in the rest of our troops. But before we get to that, i was asked to give you a debrief on your first mission. So listen up and take good notes of what i'm about to say!


The Ironsight Closed Beta has reached its end, so let's take a moment to look back and reflect on the amazing time we had during this testing phase. Before we go any further, we also want to take the time to thank YOU, the Closed Beta players for playing Ironsight, reporting issues, suggesting improvements and -in short- shaping the future of the Ironsight community. On behalf of everyone at gamigo, Aeria Games and Wiple Games, thank you!


Closed Beta closure

In order to make sure all players get to play all day on the 28th, the Ironsight Closed Beta will be over for our North American and European server on November 29th at 6PM CET (9AM PST).

Past this date and time, both servers will be inaccessible to our players and all of your progress and items will be wiped from our servers.

The only exception is for Founders who will keep their name for the Open Beta, as well as all of the content of their Founder Pack. Additionally, Sergeant and General Founder will keep their Clan Name should they have created one.

Closed Beta Highlights!

The Ironsight Closed Beta was a lot of work and saw a lot dedication from our team...but it was also a lot of fun! Getting to play with our community and test the first version of the game on our server was a blast and we want to share some key aspects of this testing phase.

Here are a few numbers to give you a better idea of what the closed Beta was like:

  • 50K sign-ups to the Closed Beta
  • 30K followers accross our social media
  • 11K characters created
  • 12 confirmed and reported bugs
  • 3 maintenances


But more than anything else, the Closed Beta is all about the sweet frags and Ironsight action:

  • 1200 days of total playtime
  • Over 2.5 Million kills
  • Nearly 800K headshots

Mercenary with the highest Kill-count: Meez with 7312 kills

Mercenary with the most deaths: Snow_* with 6096 deaths


Stay tuned for the Open Beta

The next step on the Ironsight Adventure is to launch our Open Beta, which will open the game to everyone. We will give all the details in a separate news so make sure to frequently check on our website for updates in the near future.

Don't forget to also follow us on our Social Media: 



Once more, we want to thank our Community of players who spent their time on our servers playing Ironsight but most importantly, we want to give a special thanks to our developers at Wiple Games who have been working hard to give you your favourite content on this game and will be continuing to work toward more Ironsight awesomness!

Thank you all for your continuous support and stay tuned for more Ironsight news!

The Ironsight Team