Technical Beta-Test Announcement


We want to thank those who took the time to participate in our stress test last week. The enthusiasm and assistance from our community were overwhelming and helped us detect and fix some technical issues.

But once again, we need your help.


Following the results of last week's stress test, it appears Ironsight isn't currently as polished as we'd like it to be, especially in terms of network stability.
In order to make sure the game is up to our quality expectations for its next beta phase, we will organize a Technical Beta-Test which will start this week.

Much like the stress test, this will help us prepare our server hardware and detect potential issues ahead of our Beta release.

That's where YOU come in! We need more feedback and more data, and that's why we are looking for testers willing to help us once more. Are you in?


Technical Beta-Test Instructions


This Technical Beta-Test will start on December 14th 2017 at 11 AM CET (2AM PST).


Once more, please keep in mind that this is NOT the Open Beta! With that said, please take note of the following:

  • This Tech Beta test will also be opened to all players
  • Our servers will be wiped again after the end of the Tech Beta Test and your progress will be reset for the actual Open Beta
  • The Founder Pack content will not be restored for the Tech Beta Test
  • There will be no name reservation for the duration of the Tech Beta Test
  • Given the nature of this test phase, please anticipate uneven game performance and server instability. Note that restart and downtime may occur without warning.
  • If you participated in the Stress Test, you will not need to reinstall the game. Simply start your launcher and let it update 
  • If you didn't participate since the Closed Beta, please first download and install the Ironsight Client. You can do so through the link below:




NB: This technical beta-test will mostly focus on solving connection and network issues. Therefore, not all content will be available, including content showcased in previous test phases.

The Ironsight Team