Technical Beta Test Debriefing!



Once again you answered our call and helped us prepare for battle. The time for the final mission is near and soon, we will send everyone out there to fight for those last resources! Thanks to your mission reports, we got some valuable intel on our local infrastructures and with this precious information, we'll be ready to face the battles to come. By now you know the drill... i have to read you the details of our commanding officers debriefing. I know it's a drag but the sooner we get this over with the sooner we can get back to minding our own business. So listen up ladies! And you better not make me repeat myself!

The Ironsight Tech Beta is finally reaching its end! We want to thank all the players that joined us during this test phase aimed at improving our server performance and the overall playing experience. Your continuous and valuable feedback helped us pinpoint and fix various crash and connexion issues.

Once again, we want to look back on those few weeks of testing that helped us shape a better future for Ironsight. Once again, on behalf of everyone at gamigo, Aeria Games, and Wiple Games, thank you!


Tech Beta Test closure

The Tech Beta Test will be over for our North American and European servers on January, the 8th at 5 PM CET (9 AM PST).

Past this date and time, both servers will be inaccessible to our players and all of your progress and items will be wiped from our servers.

The only exception is for Founders who will keep their name for the Open Beta, as well as all of the content of their Founder Pack. Additionally, Sergeant and General Founder will keep their Clan Name should they have created one.

On top of this, we want to thank all the players that helped us during the Closed and Tech Beta testing phases. All the players who participated in Ironsight testing since the Closed Beta (including Stress Test and Tech Beta Test) will get an exclusive dog tag title starting the Open Beta as a token of gratitude for joining our former test sessions! Again, thank you for your continuous support and valuable feedback!

Tech Beta Highlights

During this Tech Beta Test, you all were busy getting some sweet frags and looking badass while doing so. We compiled the best data we could get our hands on and summarized them below.

Here are the Tech Beta Test overall statistics:

Total playtime - 1960 days (5.37 years)
Total kills - 3,707,993
Most popular mode - TDM
Most popular map - Airport
Total Headshot count - 2.184 millions
Shots Fired - too many
Most called drone - Blade drone, called 112584 times


And here are some highlights among our players:

Most Kills:

 1st: eXynT (16734)
2nd: kielek3k (13137)
3rd: Ness-PK- (12315)


Most Deaths:

1st: MuratPasha (11533)
2nd: cybi (9471)
3rd: Annalisa (8860)


Most assists:

1st: MuratPasha (3655)
2nd: kielek3k (3385)
3rd: CrimsonTickle (3005)


Most wins:

 1st: Aven(560)
2nd: MuratPasha (505)
3rd: eXynT (432)


Longest Playtime:

1st: MuratPasha (6 days)
2nd: Ratte (4.36 days)
3rd: cybi (4.32 days)


Highest level:

1st: MuratPasha (80)
2nd: cybi (63)
3rd: VirtualRiot and ayanami00EVA (61)


Finally, we got the best Kill/Deaths ratios in the game among the players that had more than 1000 kills:

1st: dQQb kdr 3.45 (1309k 379d)
2nd: austin kdr 3.10 (3825k 1231d)
3rd: Soldier kdr 2.40 (6069k 2523d)
4th: BigFLPPYDIK kdr 2.18 (1241k 567d)
5th: Adrenaline kdr 2.11 (2439k 1152d)


Stay tuned for the Open Beta

The next step on the Ironsight Adventure is to launch our Open Beta, which will open the game to everyone. We will give all the details in a separate news so make sure to frequently check on our website for updates in the near future.

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Once more, we want to thank our Community of players who spent their time on our servers playing Ironsight but most importantly, we want to give special thanks to our technical team and our developers at Wiple Games who relentlessly worked on fixing server issues in Ironsight and will be continuing to work toward more Ironsight awesomness!

Thank you all for your continuous support and stay tuned for more Ironsight news!

The Ironsight Team