Ironsight available - Portal still in maintenance

Dear Mercenaries,

We would like to inform you that both the North American and European servers will be temporarily closed starting today February 12th at 2:25PM (CET) to accommodate with a maintenance on our portal.

Starting this time, accessing our Ironsight servers will be disabled.
Our team will do its very best to keep this possible downtime as short as possible.

Stay updated by joining the Ironsight Discord

We thank you all for your patience and are looking forward to chatting with you all on discord.

Your Ironsight Team

Update 15/02 6:20PM:

Our technicians are currently still working on fixing our portal issues. Please note this could slow down the login even though Ironsight's servers are up and running. We kindly ask you to remain patient and consider joining our Discord for live updates in the meantime: