HQ Report #1

Hello Mercenaries,


Charly reporting in!

It’s time to update our Mercenaries deployed around the world with the latest news from the Headquarters. The raging conflicts for the last resources on earth are getting more intense and you should be up-to-date.



First things first, what’s the goal? Where do we want to bring Ironsight?


(starting hard, eh?)


Ironsight is an amazing Free to Play FPS and we will keep it this way. I have seen feedback like the comments here or here bringing up the fact we are Aeria Games and we will make it Pay to Win.


Back in the middle of 2016, we merged with Gamigo AG. Since then, the company goals, ideas and values have changed drastically. We now aim to provide interesting, challenging and long-lived games and this is what we will do with Ironsight.


That being said, I can personally promise you one thing:


I have spent a few thousand hours playing FPS games and I usually stop playing them when fair play is endangered. I am currently playing Ironsight, I love the game and would like to keep it this way. As long as I am in charge of Ironsight, we won’t pass that barrier.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean we won’t monetize the game. In the end we are a business and it is an F2P game, but we will do it as it should be done - without harming the fair play.


m4-US.png monkey_smg.png redpixel_ar.png


Community focus

A game has to evolve with its users. You have all been providing a lot of feedback since day one (like this, this, this, this, this or that) which we truly appreciate. The game will be changing and improving based in your feedback, so keep going!


You can reach out to us via any of our channels. Our Community Managers are doing an amazing job processing your feedback.


Based on the feedback provided so far, I would like to drop some of the things we will be working on this year (outside of our content updates, bug fixes and improvements):

  • Spectator mode
  • Custom matches (Password, different modes…)
  • Ranking system (seasons, rewards…)
  • Sound system (Headshots…)
  • ‘Netcode’



(Thanks battle(non)sense for the review!)


We also love to support any kind of action coming from the community. For example, we will be releasing a content creator partnership program with exclusive perks soon.


Here is a leak from HQ:





Competition is the way to go. Currently, there aren’t a lot of free FPS games capable of creating a competitive environment and we will aim to do just that. We will be focusing on tournaments, seasons, different types of competitive modes…


It’s a long term objective but who knows, we might even be able to hit eSports with huge prize pools!



With all that said, where do we stand at the moment?


Technical issues


Since the opening of the OBT (01/02/2018, ~30 working days) we have been facing technical issues with our servers. Those have been many and varied, we are aware of it and we are always working hard to get these issues resolved. I am confident enough to say we will achieve a stable environment soon.


Translated into numbers, we have recorded the following:


What can be seen from outside:

  • 90+ hours of issues for us, the users
  • 10+ maintenances (Up to 3 per week)


What can’t be seen from outside:

  • 15+ different server patches developed
  • Many server side changes
  • 100’s of hours of QA
  • 15+ issues solved outside of working hours
  • 300+ bugs reported by the community
  • Countless overtime hours spent monitoring or improving the game


The effort and the amount of work from the whole team here and at Wiple Games (our partners and developers) is priceless. As Ironsight’s Product Owner and as a player, I have only one thing to say: Thank you!


Content updates


We plan to provide a content update every month. So far this has not been the case due to the above points as we are currently focusing all our technical efforts there.


Once we get out of the Beta phase, you can expect we will be delivering new content on a regular basis.


Here you have some more leaks from the HQ:


New drone: Storm Shield




New map: Ironwork



Supporting new regions and languages



We are currently exploring our options for supporting more regions with Wiple Games, even involving external publishers if needed. In one way or another, our goal is to provide world-wide support. For the moment, there is nothing official we can share. We will update you as soon as we have a final decision there.


In terms of game localization, we are currently working on the Turkish, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese languages which are going to be released in the coming months.


If you have any questions or if you would like to provide some feedback, feel free to drop us a message on this forum post and we will be answering as many questions as we can.


- Charly, signing off.