Community Update #5

Dear mercenaries,

Get ready for our 5th Community Update, featuring this week’s highlights and the best clips and videos from our community!

Weekly Highlights

Partnership Program

We have made great progress with the partnership program application reviews! Here are some numbers:

  • Over 500 application received
  • More than 350 applications reviewed and answered
  • Close to 200 confirmed partners

​With that in mind, we will also temporarily close the Partnership Program applications while we finish to review this first round of applicants. We will resume the applications at a later time. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to poke the community manager on our Discord for any other question regarding the Partnership Program.


  • Do you know the Team?

The Ironsight team has set a quick event so you can get to know a bit more of our personalities! If you think you know the team, participate on our forums and maybe get some prizes! Find more information here!

  • Dog Tag Title Creation

After these gorgeous weapon skins from the "Pimp your Weapon Contest" lately, we would love to see your amazing creativity once more in our Dog Tag Title Creation Contest! More information here!

Participate to maybe have your design implemented in the game!


Not sure what Ironsight is? You just discovered the game and have some questions? Well look no further! You will find all the frequently asked questions about Ironsight here!

Russian access blocked on Ironsight

It has been brought to our attention that a recent IP block of some Google services (such as our Ironsight servers) by the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (or Roskomnadzor) has lead russian players to be unable to access the game. While this decision is out of our control, we will update you as soon as we get more information on that topic.


Coming Up

Next week, the team will work on the next Ironsight events! We are also working hard in collaboration with Wiple Games to bring you the content update as soon as possible. Furthermore, we will work on more in-game guides and tutorials to be featured on our website.

Clips of the week

Let’s have a look at what the community came up with this week! We’re getting more and more clips and the live reactions are always priceless! It’s getting harder to pick our favourites but here it is folks!

We got many impressive killstreaks this week but nothing tops nasLIVE’s Quadra kill on SnD....with a knife.


Grego emerges victorious on this 1V4 SnD round!


Easter is long gone, but Nightmare_TTV spotted a wild Kyzioh bunny hopping ingame!


We can’t get enough of this magnificent triple collateral, courtesy of PrimeKnight.


FameRyanRV harnesses Zeus’ power and gets a sweet Penta.


Lastly on the streamer side, we want to give a special shoutout to summit1g for testing the game a couple of days ago!


​And to close this week’s selection, we want to give a special spotlight to Gnomedalf who created a series of very interesting weapon analysis, helpful guides and other Ironsight-related reviews. In short, very instructive videos and thorough research done by a passionate Ironsight player! Consider subscribing to his youtube channel for more Ironsight guides!


You have a clip you want to share with us? Send it to us on our Twitter @IronsightEN with the hashtag #IronClip or on our Discord Channel and you might get featured in next week's highlights!


Reminder: Please bear in mind these updates are meant to keep you informed about our short term projects. Don’t hesitate to poke us and tell us what you think about this communication format! We want to keep you in the loop as much as possible, and your feedback is always valuable. Larger topics and long-term projects and priorities will be addressed in letters from our product manager Charly as mentioned earlier.

Keep shooting and see you in the next CM update!

Your Ironsight Team