Community Update #11


The 11th Community Update is here! The focus this week was on the new Content Update, but what else happened? Find out below!


Weekly Highlights

Content Update - Spring Cleaning


This Tuesday we released our latest update “Spring Cleaning” with a new in-game event, bug fixes, several feature changes, and our very first weapon balancing. Read all the details here.



A new weapon skin design contest arrived! This time it’s about the Karambit Knife! Read the rules and send your submission here!


EAC Update

Good news! Our colleagues at EAC fixed the service install/repair/uninstall not working if run from the service installation directory.

Should you want to contact EAC for an Ironsight-related question, there is now a dedicated support page for Ironsight available here!


Coming Up

This week we started to work on a new menu for our website. On this one, you will find all the previous Community Updates but also all the Patch Notes and HQ reports!  We hope you will appreciate it, and as usual, if you have any feedback, drop us a line on our forums!

We are planning more events for you as well. With the new password on custom matches, we will be able to create more in-game events from now on, so look out for announcements and feel free to go on our forum if you want to suggest any kind of event to us!


Clips of the week

A lot of clips and videos this week were about the Spring Cleaning update. But amidst them, we dug out some interesting clips!

Falkyoo finishes his Penta with some close quarters Jackhammer action!


Karma can backfire quite hard, right R3fresh_Beat?


Fameryanrv totally meant to do that.


For more questionable Ironsight Karaoke, check out AnthonyCSN on Twitch! (sound warning)


One baddie can hide another. Clip from insaneshottz.

Learntoplay_aim throws and improvised dance party!


The timing on this clip from itsflashytv makes it perfect!


Make no mistake, if you miss the gap, TeamProvo WILL laugh at you!


Big shoutout to sunidey for giving Ironsight a try and pew pewing like a champ!


And before we wrap up, we also want to thank all the players that helped us bring the bug fixes and overall improvements in the Spring Cleaning content update. Shoutout to Cursed who was one of the first players to report the maps’ “out-of-bounds” issues (fixed in this week’s patch) and took the time to show it to our team in-game. Thank you to all of you who reported bugs and localization issues. With your help we will be sure to further improve the Ironsight experience!


You have a clip you want to share with us? Send it to us on our Twitter @IronsightEN with the hashtag #IronClip or on our Discord Channel and you might get featured in next week's highlights!


Reminder: Please bear in mind these updates are meant to keep you informed about our short term projects. Don’t hesitate to poke us and tell us what you think about this communication format! We want to keep you in the loop as much as possible, and your feedback is always valuable. Larger topics and long-term projects and priorities will be addressed in letters from our product manager Charly as mentioned earlier.

Keep shooting and see you in the next CM update!

Your Ironsight Team