Partners & Moderators Wanted

Alright ladies listen up!

HQ is all over my back again and it turns out that the Partner Initiative is still looking for new talents! I’ve been asked to pass on the details of the recruitment sessions that you will find in the report below. In short, HQ needs the elite soldiers, the best of the best, the top dogs…well you get the idea. So let’s get this over with: read the files and return your application to my office if you’re interested. Ain’t got all day so let’s be quick!


We are happy to announce the reopening of our Partnership Program applications! On top of that, we are also having a second moderator recruitment campaign for Ironsight!​ Interested? Read on!

Partnership Program Applications



After reviewing our first wave of partner applications, we can finally resume the Partnership Program recruitment, which many of you have been waiting for!

We are looking for positive content creators, playing in a relaxed state of mind, and who are respectful of other players. You should use appropriate language and be willing to give us constructive feedback. You shouldn’t expect any special treatment, nor try to take advantage of your influence with other players.

If you think you meet the requirements mentioned above, you can find more information regarding the benefits and prerequisites of the Partnership Program and apply here.

If you are selected you will join our current partners on our official partners list and get support from our Community management team to grow your own channels!


Moderator Applications

Another round of applications is now open! As our community grows, we believe that our Volunteer Team should grow as well!

We are more specifically looking for FR/EN speaking moderators to support our French community and moderators who will be available in the NA time zones (EDT-PDT), but should you be dedicated and fluent in another language, don’t hesitate to have a look into our forum post and apply as well if you think you can provide support to the team!

What can you expect as a volunteer?

Work with a team of other players to support the community, help resolving issues on the forum or discord, organizing forum events and more. Read more about it and apply here!

If you want to have a look at the current moderators working on Ironsight, check this forum post!


We look forward to reviewing all candidates for both recruitments!

Show us what you got and keep an eye out for more updates,

The Ironsight Team