Community Update #15


Welcome to the 15th Community Update! The next patch is closing in and if you follow our channels and partners, you may have spotted a first glimpse of what’s to come already!


Weekly Highlights

Downtown patch - First look

Our next content update “Downtown” will release in early July! For a first look at its content, check out our partners’ channels!

Archives on our website

Tired of looking for that news you missed? You can now easily search and find past community updates, HQ reports and patch notes thanks to our new archive section on the website!

Known issue with the GTX 1050

The latest driver version for NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphic cards could cause Ironsight to crash upon start. Our team is investigating the issue.

Server Issue 27/06

In the evening of June 27th until the morning of the 28th, our servers experienced issues preventing our players from accessing our servers and matchmaking properly. Both servers are now back to their normal state. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank our players for their understanding and patience.


Coming Up

Our team is currently working on a survey in order to gather feedback from you, mercenaries, regarding some specific aspects of the game. This will help us get a clearer vision of our community’s concerns and questions. All serious survey entries will enter a raffle for a chance to win prizes, so stay tuned for that!

Additionally, we started reviewing all the applications for both the partnership program and the moderator positions. This will take us some time, so please bear with us and remain patient!

Soon, we will contact the first selected applicants for the moderator position. Make sure to check your mailbox ;)

Lastly, our team is working on a revamped FAQ which will be available via our ticket system, the forum and the website. This will cover all the basics questions you might have regarding Ironsight and will provide answers or solutions to the most common cases we receive! We will update you once it is live and operational so stay tuned!


Clips of the week

A lot of stars aligned for some of our players while others captured hilarious moments on Ironsight!

You can’t escape Xuatho’ outstanding grenade toss in the Island elevator!



Ceyjai secures this SnD round with a fantastic Firefly Triple!


Sparky1 used Striker Drone. It’s super effective!


Karma strikes back when bullet8602 attempts to mock an enemy player.


Porphroid clears this secure point with the HK417!

Nopp goes on a Killing Spree with the LWRC 45!


Gnomedalf is back with another look at Ironsight skills!


Caow returns with his last installment from his [Regular] series: Movement


And finally this week, TeamProvo experiments with the remote bomb in this hilarious clip!


You have a clip you want to share with us? Send it to us on our Twitter @IronsightEN with the hashtag #IronClip or on our Discord Channel and you might get featured in next week's highlights!


Reminder: Please bear in mind these updates are meant to keep you informed about our short term projects. Don’t hesitate to poke us and tell us what you think about this communication format! We want to keep you in the loop as much as possible, and your feedback is always valuable. Larger topics and long-term projects and priorities will be addressed in letters from our product manager Charly as mentioned earlier.

Keep shooting and see you in the next CM update!

Your Ironsight Team