Content Update: Downtown


Before we start i want to say you didn’t do too bad on the last mission. The Spring Cleaning operation was not an easy task but some of you almost made me think you were talented. But enough sweet talking! There ain’t no rest for the wicked! A new mission arrived from HQ and this time it’s a tough one to crack. This is a brand new kind of mission! So much that all of those nerds from R&D are also deploying new toys for you. So read the attached report carefully and try not to embarrass me alright?

We are excited to announce the latest Ironsight Content Update: Downtown! This one is packed with never-seen-before modes, maps, features and more!

Disclaimer: If you have issues patching the Downtown content update, please uninstall and reinstall the game from our website. If reinstalling didn't work please contact our Customer Support.

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New Map: Downtown

EDEN's US branch in this city focused on oil trading before the Tsunami. Afterwards, their relations deteriorated and EDEN dispatched PMCs to take over the city, to "protect its assets". EDEN wants to take over NAF's Trinitium production. But NAF will not take this easily and will fight back.

  • Includes Emblem and Title.
  • Mode: Frontline.
  • Biggest Map released.
  • Interactive Tram.
  • Many sideways and passages to flank.

New Mode: Front-Line

To win in this mode, you need to either occupy or defend two points.


  • Only available on the new Downtown map.
  • Available in normal and custom matches.
  • Up to 20 players (10v10).
  • Capture/Defend objective points (point A then point B).
  • 5min timer per objective + overtime if contested.
  • EDEN always defends.
  • NAF always attacks.
  • Includes Emblem and Title.

Note: Front-Line Mode has no Highlight at the end of the match.

New Drone: Hydra

Automated Turrets that track and attack enemies within their detection range. It can only detect enemies within its frontal 180° radius.

  • Tactical Drone.
  • Deployable stationary.
  • 2200 points to activate.
  • 180° Radius.
  • Ranged.
  • Useful for cover fire and holding or defend objective points.
  • Includes Emblem and Title.

New Feature: Observer Mode

A long-awaited feature is now available. You can spectate from now on players while in a match.

  • Only available on Custom matches.
  • Each Observer occupies a user slot in the room.
  • When joining, the player can choose "Observer Mode" as a faction.
  • Automatic will not set the user as Observer.
  • After choosing a faction the player can no longer change to be Observer.
  • Observer cannot use Team chat with EDEN / NAF.


  • W/A/S/D: Navigation (Front, Left, Back. Right).
  • SPACE: Change view mode when spectating a player (1st person / 3rd person).
  • F: Free Cam (Starts from the latest player spectated).
  • LEFT CLICK: Spectate previous player (Slow camera movement right in Free Cam).
  • RIGHT CLICK: Spectate next player (Slow camera movement left in Free Cam).
  • Q: Move upwards (only in Free Cam).
  • E: Move downwards (only in Free Cam).
  • L. SHIFT: Fast movement (only in Free Cam).
  • L. CTRL: Slow movement (only in Free Cam).

Disclaimer: The keys cannot be reassigned at the moment. This may prove challenging for players using any other keyboards than QWERTZ or QWERTY layout.

A new challenge awaits you with Urban Guerilla! Meet the event challenge requirements to unlock rewards. This event starts after the patch maintenance until Tuesday 17th of July.

The rewards will be the following:


Achievement: Urban Guerilla I - Win 2 matches in the Downtown map

 600 GP

Achievement: Urban Guerilla II - Win 6 matches in Front-Line

EMP MSGL (3 Days)

Achievement: Urban Guerilla III - Destroy 35 drones

2400 GP

Achievement: Urban Guerilla IV - Use Hydra drone 75 times

Emblem Lucky 7

Achievement: Urban Guerilla V - Get 150000 battle points

Title Partyholic

New Emote

Wave Time - “This slithery move might even absorb a bullet.”

New Weapon: EMP MSGL

This is a modified version of the M32A1 MSGL for Drones, using EMP bullets. It uses 40mm bullets, revolver-type magazine and a semi automatic trigger.


  • EMP Grenade Launcher.
  • New Secondary Weapon.
  • 12.000 GP.
  • High Damage on Drones and Sentinels.
  • 6 Bullets (no reload).
  • No Skins available.

Collection System Update

  • Epic: Purple (weapons have a unique reload animation)
  • Rare: Pink (weapons have a unique reload animation)
  • Special: Orange
  • Advanced: Blue
  • Uncommon: Green
  • Common: Black

Skins, skins and... skins!

Assault Rifles


Light Machine Guns

  • Fire Monkey PP-2000
  • Chrome AR-57


  • Artium ACOG
  • Pixel Quick Shot
  • Desert Quick Shot
  • Desert Holographic Scope
  • Desert Monitoring Sight
  • Desert Long Eye Scope
  • Desert ACOG
  • Desert Clear Sight
  • Desert Variant Scope
  • Desert Glow-on Sight
  • Desert Thermal Scope
  • Desert Rifle Scope
  • Desert Viper Scope
  • Desert POSP

Before we dive into all the feature updates and bug fixes, we want to take the time to thank our community for reporting issues and bugs on our forums. Your reports have truly helped us and resulted in several of the bug fixes mentioned below.

Please keep them coming and help us detect issues/bugs by reporting them using the fill-out form on our forums. You all contributed to improving the game! Thank you!​​​​


  • ​New Languages: Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and Turkish.

We added several new languages into the game. You can select your displayed language on the launcher and also once you log in-game, in the video settings.

  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Switch teams in custom matches. Hit ESC to access the menu and choose between respawning on NAF or EDEN for the next respawn.
  • New daily contract. Now the daily contracts can ask for 1 victory in Frontline.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the masking on/off of several scopes when aiming.
  • Fixed the automatic loosening of the Combat Crossbow after reloading.
  • Fixed an issue where the user name tag was not displayed while using the Hellbird. You can see yourself again while using the Hellbird. Say hello to the camera!
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon dropping sound was triggered at 0, 0, 0 coordinates for each map. Now the weapon drop sound is reproduced where the weapon actually drops!
  • Fixed an issue in the Loadout where expired items were highlighted as new weapons.
  • Fixed a slight reload cancel when aiming during the reload animation.
  • Fixed a bug on the Killcam information when two players kill each other at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue with achievements not displaying properly the completion date.
  • Fixed an issue where the match was not ending as expected.
  • Fixed a visual glitch when magazine is empty.
  • Improved the position calculation of the C4 when its dropped.​

Known Issues

  • Loadout - Karambit Knife icon doesn’t match the model.
  • Loadout - Equipping the Skull M4 ACC-M displays the Chrome AR-57 on the character model of the loadout menu and ingame. The weapon still behaves and shoots like the M4 ACC-M.
  • Observer Mode - Alternating through players not working as expected. Sometimes the Observer can spectate a spawn point.
  • Observer Mode - Scoreboard and minimap only shows the team members of the last spectated user.
  • Observer Mode - Tactical Gear effects don’t show on Observer cam.
  • Observer Mode - End of match shows an unexpected string for the Observer.