HQ Report #2

Charly reporting in!


Three months have passed, and it’s now time to update our mercenaries deployed around the world with the latest news from our Headquarters. Previous months have been tough, but we listen to our mercenaries and plan our next moves accordingly. We believe it will pay off in the future.


Take a sit, some MRE rations, and get ready for the read. It will be a pretty long one!



Previously on Ironsight

In my previous HQ report, I talked about the direction we were heading with Ironsight:

  • Monetization and how free-to-play we want Ironsight to be
  • Our focus on the community - we listen to you, and move accordingly
  • Supporting the competitive scene
  • Supporting new regions
  • Technical issues since the beginning of the OBT


Let’s see where we stand today!




There is not much to mention here. The game is, and will remain entirely free-to-play. We strongly believe in having an outstanding game, enjoyable by all kinds of players.

Community & Competitive Scene

We listen to your feedback closely and will keep doing so during the whole journey.

More than 50% of our current team members are allocated to working with the community, and we plan to grow the team even more. We already hired a new Community Manager for the Portuguese community (and back-up for the Spanish, we will introduce him in a few weeks), we are currently interviewing potential candidates for the Turkish one, and we will open a new position soon.

If you want to be part of the Ironsight team, keep an eye on our careers page.

That being said, let’s take a deeper look!

As you already know, we recently published a survey to collect quantitative feedback about the game and translate that into actions. We also recently answered your questions via a Reddit AMA. Those two projects helped us refine our priorities with the help of our community. Thank you!



Without further ado, let’s talk about the main topics we discussed during the AMA and confirmed in the survey we ran.

Servers and Netcode

On the technical side (servers), we have done big improvements in terms of mitigation, monitoring and reaction time in case of issue.

Unfortunately, since our first HQ report, we discovered those issues were bigger than expected. We need to rework the interaction between specific game-related programs running on the hidden side of the game, the servers.

Our developers are working seriously hard on this matter and will be ready at some point in August/September. Until then, small server crashes and disconnections might happen, as some of you may have experienced already.

On the other hand, for the ‘netcode’, I am bringing good news. We have been working on it for quite some time already, and we are close to delivering it to the live servers.


Source: Battlenonsense

Let’s have a look at the changes we have planned on that side for the next two updates!

Upcoming Fixes - Next two patches

With our next technical patch, we will change the way the game client receives patches. Until now, users with old clients could experience problems while downloading the latest patches. Since we will change how the system works, that won’t be an issue anymore.

Matchmaking by Ping

We currently have no region restriction on our servers. A user from Asia can play on the EU servers for example, creating some ping issues. We will be adding a new filter within the matchmaking system in order to take into consideration players’ pings. Long story short, users with good connections will match with similar players. The same thing applies to users with a bad connection or far away from the servers, who will be matched together.


We are close to be done with the needed changes on the networking side of the game. We will deploy the highy anticipated TCP to UDP change after the above.

Characters Physics

Have you seen characters flying? I did. That’s due to how the character physics work when your connection drops packets. We will rework character physics from a network point of view in order to prevent that.

Very High Ping Block

Finally, we will make sure that users with extremely high pings aren’t matched with others players until their ping decreases back to playable levels, in order to avoid extreme lag scenarios.

Game Balance

I will keep this one short:

We will balance and keep balancing weapons in every single content patch we apply. Game balance is a topic we take very seriously. We take into consideration both users’ feedback and usage data to make sure we take the best decisions.

In fact, our next balancing step will be to nerf the sniper rifles with the next content patch. Don’t worry though, we do not intend to make them useless.

We’re also aware players would like more changes to the AR-57. This is currently being looked at.


Unfortunately, we can’t get into esports yet, since we need to achieve many things beforehand. What I can tell you already is that we implemented the spectator mode with our latest patch and we will start supporting some external organizations with their tournaments very soon, with both exposure and rewards.

I am glad our plans on this topic are totally aligned with the community’s feedback so far!

For the future, and as an example, we are already working on a broadcast system concept.

Geographical Coverage (#southamericanservers)

As previously announced, we agreed with our developer on releasing the game in LATAM (Latin America). We are currently working on setting up our servers there, precisely in São Paulo. We expect this to happen sometime in August.



We have no additional territory planned so far. We are shifting most our focus onto the product itself for the time being. We will come back to the topic by end of the year and try to reach the rest of the world!

Publishing Strategy


Fighting Cheaters

I would like to start by saying that the cheat situation is largely a matter of perception in the case of Ironsight. A very large part of the reports we receive are “false positives” triggered by the current network situation as well as high ping players.

Kamu (previously known as easyanticheat) is our current anti-cheat provider, one of the major partners in terms of game security (used by Fortnite, among others). We are constantly redefining our measures to provide a better experience for players and to detect flaws as early as possible.

We have a 0 tolerance policy against hackers, and will keep fighting them to ensure the best gaming experience possible for our community.

In-game Events

As mentioned before, we are currently hiring additional Community Managers. This will help our current team save some time, which they will be able to dedicate to the organization of more in-game events. That’s our current goal, and according to the survey, you guys agree!

Improving Communication

Our communication strategy will change in the following weeks. We will focus more on the game, and less on team updates.

Our HQ reports and Weekly CM updates will soon be replaced by a single new format, giving you more interesting and frequent updates.

We are also considering the following ideas (tell us what you think!):

  • Game feature reviews
  • New content guides
  • Bi-weekly Highlights
  • Giveaways
  • Monthly Game Stats
  • Standalone news about specific topic such as the arrival of a new team member, addressing a recurring piece of feedback, etc.


Upcoming Content

We are currently reworking the UI (user interface) of the game. This will allow us to create new features more easily in the future.

Here’s a sneak peek:


With the next update we will get also get a new (and much anticipated) map and mode!


You can expect this and much more (like the nerf for the snipers) in that next content update, which we expect to be available between August and September.

That’s all folks! The team will be answering as many questions as possible in the following Reddit thread: CLICK HERE. We're looking forward to your feedback!


- Charly