Community Highlights Vol.1

Dear Mercenaries,

Welcome to our very first Community Highlights!

This time, we’re putting 100% of the focus on the content you, the Ironsight Community, produced! We hope you will enjoy it!

Don’t worry about the rest of the content you used to see in the Community Updates, we will keep informing you about what’s going on within the team. However, the objective of that new format is to share the content produced by the community exclusively!

Let us know what you think about this new way to share with you all the Iron-content on the forum!


Twitch Clips


P9nda sneakily flanks the enemy team on Oceanfront and cleans up!



Ahad cheers on his teammate with a sick harmonica Beatbox!



Stabarn cleans the Frontline point and ends on a beautiful collateral!



Here’s an impressive Ace from itsvoxda!



To be fair, dillbeet has a point!



Please enjoy this musical interlude, courtesy of ranzrattelive!



Dirty indeed esmuybien… dirty indeed!



In mal2s’ game, this is why you don’t afk!



Meanwhile in lezztea’s match, the enemy team gets baited with the oldest trick in the book!



In laiitiinen’s defence, we would have laughed too!



Epixlarious scores a Pentakill with a Python and makes it seem easy!



Props to gdonuttv for surviving this tense round of SnD!




Vnfortunately scores an impressive 97 kill count in a single secure match without using any drone streak!



CoalSlaw has some fun with the throwable knife!



Check out Shinoo’s music montage!



Hans Plopsen finishes this Frontline game with an explosive finish!



Here’s a nice sniper montage from Gseed!



Teiwaz is back with an other honest review: Deagle VS Python!



Here’s a sniper minitage, courtesy of Claus with AK!



And lastly this week, we have found another throwing axe enthusiast in this video from Demolitions!


Screenshots & FanArts


Sketch by Akeempowers


Fanart by Lincuxe


Fanart by Matt


Fanart by Arietty


Design by Izark2K


You have a creation you want to share with us? Send it to us on our Twitter @IronsightEN with the dedicated hashtag:

  • #IronClip - For videos and clips.
  • #IronArt - For screenshots or Fanart creations.
  • or share it on our Discord in the right channel!

You might get featured in the next community highlights’ volume!

This was it! We hope you like our new format and as mentioned at the beginning, don’t hesitate to provide us feedback on the forum.

Until next time,

Your Ironsight Community Team