Ironsight servers - Update

Dear Mercenaries,


Following our latest HQ report#2, it has come to our attention that we needed to clarify on a certain topic: Ironsight's support in future regions.

We have already confirmed the arrival of an upcoming South American server for Ironsight, and with it, the first step towards providing the most optimal service to all of our players.

On the other hand, some of you have voiced your concerns and asked us if more servers would be added in the future, more specifically, in the Oceania region.

Let's get straight to the point: We do want to go for a Worldwide release of Ironsight, but in order for us to expand our supported regions, we first need to get the publishing rights for said territories.

Furthermore, our current priority to fix critical issues has shifted our focus away from getting any additional servers for the time being. Until we reach a satisfying environment for our players on the servers we have at the moment and the upcoming South American server, we will temporarily put a hold on the addition of new servers.

As you know, we are currently working on netcode, database and server stability of Ironsight.. This process requires a considerable amount of testing and will therefore take time to go live on our servers.

Please also remember that players can play from any location around the world at the moment. With that said, it is crucial that we make sure these ongoing improvements work on our current setups (and the soon-to-arrive LATAM server) before we expand it even further.

Finally, we also mentioned in the HQ report that while we want to develop a healthy competitive scene, the current lag/latency issues also changed our plans for kicking off an Esport scene for Ironsight. Once all the critical issues are fixed, we will not only start working on a competitive scene but also coordinate it on all of our available servers. Additional servers will therefore also wait for this competitive scene to properly work on our existing supported regions.

We thank you for your continuous support and patience!

Keep shooting!

The Ironsight Team