Content Update: Cruise


A new mission just came in from HQ: this time, you'll be sent to the open seas. But don't you think this is going to be some vacation alright? We have reasons to believe other mercenaries will try to get on board, so we need to act fast and efficiently. For the occasion, you can pick up a brand new weapon from HQ at the armory! So listen up ladies and make sure to take notes. This time, we have a lot to discuss!


We are excited to announce the latest Ironsight Content Update: Cruise! It features a reworked UI, changes to the collection system, the long-awaited netcode improvements and much more!

Disclaimer: If you have issues patching the Cruise content update, please uninstall and reinstall the game from our website. If reinstalling didn't work please contact our Customer Support.

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Patch Notes index

  • New Map Cruise
  • New UI
  • New Mode Category: Special Mode (Sniper Match)
  • In-game event: Operation Heatwave
  • New Characters: Kalli and Sirocco
  • New Emote
  • Server Update (including netcode improvements)
  • Collection system update: New weapon skins
  • New Melee Weapon: Bowie Knife
  • New Customization Feature: charms
  • Weapon Balancing
  • Bug Fixes
  • Known issues

New Map: Cruise

Conrad, an EDEN refugee, fled across the Mediterranean in a cruise ship, disguised as a tourist. However, an elementary security error revealed his intentions and PMC’s were sent to the ship to find him. As usual, the NAF wanted in on the PMC action so they sent their own as well.



  • Includes Emblem and Title.
  • Modes: TDM, SnD, Secure Point, Resource Takeover, Sniper Match, FFA.
  • A cruise with Casino, Bar, Pool and more.
  • Interactive Central Bar (can elevate).
  • Several Close and Long-range areas.


New UI

The main menu UI went through a complete overhaul. It features a new dark theme and some tabs have been reworked completely.

Lobby Screen:

The lobby is now showing the contracts, ongoing events and the progress on the left, while your currently equipped character is on the right.


Loadout Tab:

The loadout now features all customizations and equipable items! You can set each loadout and customize it at will. (e.g. Loadout 1 - Neil Wild, Loadout 2 - Sarah Browning)


New Collection Tab:

A new tab appeared, it replaces the character tab which is now merged with the Loadout!

While all the customization is now done in the loadout tab, the new Collection Tab shows all the Rare and Epic Weapons & Attachments as well as their requirements. With that you will have an overview of each of these weapons and how to get them.


Result Screen:

The end of match screen has been harmonized with the new UI. It’s now more appealing, and shows a clearer overview of your performance and progression.


New Mode Category: Special Mode (Sniper Match)

The “Special Mode” is a mode category that is running unique and time-limited modes during the Open Beta. The first mode added will be the Sniper Match!

Sniper Match

  • 6V6 Sniper Match.
  • Eliminate the enemy team using a sniper as primary weapon.
  • No respawns during a round.
  • Stalker, Spy Drone and UAV Recon are available.
  • Available on all maps (except Downtown).
  • No matter which loadout is equipped, a unique loadout will always be selected during the match.
  • Skills are disabled in this mode.
  • You can gain level experience in this mode.
  • You can gain experience for the DSR-1 only if you own one.


This mode is all about sniping! You will have a default loadout to try and eliminate the enemy team in rounds.

Sniper match loadout for all players:

  • Primary: DSR-1.
  • Secondary: TAC-OPS.
  • Melee Weapon: Player equipped one.
  • Lethal: Claymore.
  • Tactical: Smoke Grenade.
  • Drones: Stalker, Spy Drone, UAV Recon.


A new challenge awaits you with Operation Heatwave! Meet the event challenge requirements to unlock exclusive rewards. This event starts after the patch maintenance and will last until Tuesday 25th of September after the maintenance.

The rewards will be the following:

Achievement: Heatwave I - Win 2 times in Sniper Match

Artium G36C (1 Day)


Achievement: Heatwave II - Win 6 times on Cruise

Bowie Knife (3 Days)


Achievement: Heatwave III - Get 30 Kills with the Bowie Knife

Aquamarine Sunglasses (Event exclusive)





Achievement: Heatwave IV - Win 20 times in any mode

Charm Slot Ticket

Achievement: Heatwave V - Obtain 120000 Battle Points.

Emblem: Wedding March

Title: Jaws Blade


New Characters


She lived in a PMC camp after losing her family in a terror attack. She might be petite and nimble-looking, but she proves among the deadliest with a machine gun in hands.


Stray bullets in a gang fight killed his parents. He grew up surrounded by wars. Turning any object into a weapon is certainly a fine art that he learnt on the streets.

New Emote

Come on - "That's a good boy."

Server Update

  • We have implemented an Echo Server system redirecting players to the game server with the best ping within their own region. While this new system has been applied with this content update, it is still under development and the new game servers will only be operational at a later time. We will notify our community once these additional game servers are available.
  • Changes of the in-game Physics (solving issues with very high ping players)


  • Epic: Purple (weapons have a unique reload animation)
  • Rare: Pink (weapons have a unique reload animation)
  • Special: Orange
  • Advanced: Blue
  • Uncommon: Green
  • Common: Black


Assault Rifles

  • Red Bullet AN-94
  • Jaws HK417

Submachine Gun

  • Salta LWRC

Sniper Rifles

  • Angry Monkey Blaser R93
  • Chrome SVD


  • New melee weapon: Bowie Knife


  • Red Bullet Clear Sight
  • Salta Monitoring Sight
  • Jaws Rifle Scope
  • Zebra Quick Shot
  • Zebra Holographic Scope
  • Zebra Detecting Sight
  • Zebra Monitoring Sight
  • Zebra Long Eye Scope
  • Zebra ACOG
  • Zebra Clear Sight
  • Zebra Variant Scope
  • Zebra Glow-on Sight
  • Zebra Thermal Scope
  • Zebra Rifle Scope
  • Zebra Viper Scope
  • Zebra POSP
  • Zebra Scout Scope
  • Zebra Laser Sight

New Attachement Feature: Charms


  • A brand new weapon customization option has been added to the game! We’re proud to present to you our Weapon Charms system!
  • If you want to attach a charm to a weapon skin, a special slot has to be unlocked for that specific skin first.
  • One charm can be equipped on several weapons skins as long as the charm slot has been unlocked for each of them.
  • You can unlock a permanent slot for the weapon skin of your choice by using a slot ticket (get one in our new event!), or in the loadout menu directly, for 30 CHIPS.
  • You can change the charm equipped on a weapon skin (once the slot has been unlocked) from the additional attachment slot in the loadout menu.
  • Extra charms can be obtained in supply boxes and in the shop.

Charms are only available on primary weapons.

You will receive 2 permanent Charms for free upon connecting for the first time after patching:

  • EDEN
  • NAF

Additional Charms:

  • Trinitum
  • Summer Vacation
  • Ice-Cream
  • Ghost
  • Mini-Sentinel


Weapon Balancing


Primary Weapons

Designated Marksman Rifles

Before this balancing of DMR weapons, there was no distinction between these two since both available weapons requited three shots to kill. Therefore, players had fewer reasons for choosing DMR which already had a higher recoil and lower rate of fire.

With this update, we have adjusted the DMR’s damage multipliers for each body parts and made a distinctive difference with the other Assault Rifles by making headshots a 1 hit kill and a 2 hit kill for the neck (M39 EMR) and chest (HK417).



  • Increased damage multiplier for head, neck and chest shots.
  • Decreased Accuracy: 65 -> 60.
  • Decreased Mobility: 92 -> 90.



  • Increased damage multiplier for head, neck and chest shots.
  • Decreased Accuracy: 61 -> 60.
  • Decreased Mobility: 92 -> 90.
  • Increased Recoil Control: 70 -> 73.


Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles

We noticed Bolt Action Sniper Rifles didn’t have any weakness because they were able to kill at long range (as they should) and at close range using quickshots. With this update, we have changed the ADS method in which the crosshair is reduced when it is fully zoomed. We increased the difficulty by lowering the zoom speed, making it harder to react for players at close range.

In addition, to address the issue where SR gets easier kills than other type of weapons (especially on large-scale maps like ‘Downtown’), distance will affect the damage given (drop off).

Lastly when aiming, the sway is a lot stronger and faster now, making it harder to hit a target without using the ‘hold breath’ feature.




  • Decreased damage multiplier for head, neck, shoulder, chest and stomach shots.
  • Sway is bigger and faster when aiming.


Blaser R93

  • Decreased damage multiplier for head, neck and chest shots.
  • Slower aiming speed.
  • Sway is bigger and faster when aiming.
  • Decreased Mobility: 88 -> 86.


Straight Pull (Bolt-action SR attachment)

  • Effect decreased by half.


Semi-auto Sniper Rifles

The problem with the semi-automatic sniper rifles was that the first shot was more likely to hit than the subsequent ones due to the high recoil. In this update, to take advantage of the characteristics of the semi-auto (relatively short trigger delays compare to bolt-action SR), we have adjusted them for easier recoil control but slightly lowered the rate of fire.



  • Decreased damage multiplier for head, neck and arms shots.
  • Decreased Rate of Fire: 33 -> 21.
  • Increased Recoil Control: 59 -> 69.



  • Decreased damage multiplier for head and neck shots.
  • Increased Mobility: 84 -> 88
  • Decreased Rate of Fire: 35 -> 23.
  • Increased Recoil Control: 54 -> 69.



  • Decreased damage multiplier for head and neck shots.
  • Decreased Rate of Fire: 37 -> 25.
  • Increased Recoil Control: 53 -> 64.


Light Machine Guns

LMG weapons had a similar damage input as the AR, but was not appealing to the players - despite its large ammo capacity - mainly because of the higher rate of fire and difficult recoil control which made the weapons harder to aim with at longer range. In this update, we tinkered with the recoil control slightly and increased the damage multiplier for arms and legs shots. This way, we can mitigate the penalty for missing the main body parts’ maximum damage.

In addition, we corrected the rate of fire issues with the Ultimax 100 and MG3 which were different from their intended ones.



  • Increased damage multiplier for shoulder, arms and legs shots.
  • Decreased Accuracy: 73 -> 64.
  • Increased Rate of Fire: 78 -> 81.
  • Decreased Recoil Control: 45 -> 44.

Ultimax 100

  • Increased damage multiplier for legs shots.
  • Decreased Damage: 30 -> 28.
  • Decreased Accuracy: 73 -> 64.
  • Decreased Rate of Fire: 79 -> 67.
  • Increased Recoil Control: 36 -> 49.


  • Increased damage multiplier for shoulder and arms shots.
  • Increased Damage: 30 -> 32.
  • Decreased Accuracy: 73 -> 64.
  • Increased Rate of Fire: 83 -> 94.
  • Increased Recoil Control: 45 -> 46.


  • Increased damage multiplier for shoulder, arms and legs shots.
  • Decreased Accuracy: 73 -> 64.
  • Increased Rate of Fire: 67 -> 69.
  • Decreased Recoil Control: 33 -> 27.
  • Decreased Auto Fire Rate: 100 -> 97.


Secondary Weapon



  • Increased Damage: 2.9 -> 3.
  • Increased Rate of Fire: 13 -> 15.


Hit box

The character hitbox has been updated, as shown on the picture above. All weapons are affected by this change. By narrowing the chest range and increasing the abdominal area, we increased the difference in play style from one weapon to the other. For example, playing with the Blaser R93, which one-shots if you hit the chest or the head, now feels way different than playing with the DSR-1, which one-shots if you hit the chest, the head or the stomach.



The formula used for the calculation of damage depending on the range of the target has also been updated. This change will affect the dropdown damage at long range: from now on, you will really have to take this variable into account.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the game tried to internally change sides (Atk / Def) after the Tutorial had been finished
  • Fixed a bug where the buttons for Respawn and Loadout were displayed in a highlight
  • Fixed a bug where spectators were only able to see members of one team on the map in Free-cam mode
  • Fixed a bug when the first shot of the M320 GLM was stuck mid-air
  • Fixed a bug when you whispered someone and only received the first letter of the message (no more encrypted messages)
  • Fixed a bug where Neil Wild's face disappeared when changing loadout in-game with the Black Cyclops Helmet
  • Fixed a bug where the Clan List was not updated after leaving a clan (you can find clans again)
  • Fixed a bug where the login reward button had epileptic attacks
  • Fixed a bug when the Enter Key enabled the chat even when typing in the "Search" field
  • Fixed a glitch when spectating a user that was performing an emote
  • Fixed a display issue where amount of bullets displayed on the Clear Sight wasn’t updated when the UI is deactivated
  • Fixed a bug where the Storm Shield icon was displayed blurred in the Account tab
  • Fixed issues with the Golden EMP Launcher reticle not being displayed properly
  • Several Localization fixes over all languages

Known Issues

  • FreeForAll - UI - Scoreboard has overlapping text
  • Achievements - Completed achievements show "Time Left 0H0M"
  • Graphic - Clan Emblem Title weirdly cropped
  • Shop - Special Chrome SVD pack displays a wrong scope as included in the pack
  • Resource takeover - Cannot get resources while a grenade is being thrown
  • Result Screen - Achievements and Rewards have no title/description
  • Custom Match - The first attempt to enter a password is always wrong
  • Charms purchase - After purchasing a charm mount, making any other purchase directly after might crash your game. Everything will go back to normal after relaunching the game. We will address this issue with a quick maintenance later this week.