The Esports Hub Tournaments

Dear Mercenaries,

We are happy to announce the very first Community Esports Hub Tournament (supported by the Ironsight team)!

First step towards building a competitive environment around the game, this tournament will be hosted and coordinated by the Esports Hub team, who has shown great dedication and commitment to our most competitive players since the very beginning. It will be a good way to gauge your interest in such an endeavour while we put the finishing touches to the game in order to prepare for its official esport scene.

While we do not organize this tournament ourselves, we will relay all the necessary communication for participants and spectators to enjoy it on our social media and Twitch channels. We will also provide the Prize pool for this competition and reward the winners once it has ended. This event will run on a monthly basis from this month onwards.


General Information

Mode: 5V5 Search and Destroy

Regions: One competition for EU, one for NA*

Prize Pool: $1250 worth of in-game prizes and currency per region

Entry fee: Free

Sign-up deadline: Until the start of the competition.

Tournament dates: September 23rd for EU and September 30th for NA

*Please note that there will be no tournament hosted on the South American server for this first edition as this project was already in the works before its implementation. Nevertheless, should the community show interest in it, we might consider adding the region to future competitions.


Anyone up for this challenge? Then wait no longer:

Sign-up for NA | Sign-up for EU


Read the full rules, save the date, consult the prize pools, build a team and sign-up for free at the following links: NA / EU! We are looking forward to seeing our players battle it out and to collaborating with our friends over at Esports Hub.


Best of luck to all the teams, and may the best one win!

Your Ironsight team