South American Server - Update on the Ping Issues


Since the introduction of our South American server, we have received several reports indicating that some players from that region experienced ping issues while playing on that specific server despite their high-speed connections.

Our technical team immediately began investigating this problem and soon pinpointed its root cause. It appeared that users using VIVO (and other ISPs using the Telefonica network) are encountering routing issues which, in simple terms, makes the information they are sending to our servers travel over a much longer distance than it should.

After contacting GCP, our host, we have received confirmation that the issue is currently being worked on and will gradually be corrected in the following weeks.

We would like to renew our thanks to our South American players who reported this issue and helped us identify its source.

We will keep you updated regarding this topic as soon as we have more information. In the meanwhile, we kindly ask you to remain patient.


Your Ironsight Team