The ESHUB Tournaments - October

Dear Mercenaries,

We are happy to announce the second Community Esports Hub Tournament (supported by the Ironsight team)!

Once again, this tournament will be hosted and coordinated by the Esports Hub team

While we do not organize this tournament ourselves, we will relay all the necessary communication for participants and spectators to enjoy it on our social media and Twitch channels. We will also provide the Prize pool for this competition and reward the winners once it has ended.

Will Pandas With Chairs and Gazumpers keep their title? Or will we witness the birth of new Champions? Sign-up now and fight for supremacy!

General Information

Mode: 5V5 Search and Destroy

Regions: One competition for EU, one for NA/SA*

Prize Pool: $1250 worth of in-game prizes and currency per region

Entry fee: Free

Sign-up deadline: Until the start of the competition.

Tournament dates: October 21 for EU and October 28 for NA/SA

*South American players have manifested their interest for this competition. Considering the growing yet relatively small size of this community, we decided to let SA teams join the NA tournament! Please check the official rules for any ping-related fairness concern.


Anyone up for this challenge? Then wait no longer:

Sign-up for EU | Sign-up for NA/SA


Read the full rules, save the date, consult the prize pools, build a team and sign-up for free in the links provided above! We are looking forward to seeing our players battle it out!


Best of luck to all the teams, and may the best one win!

Your Ironsight team