Minor Content Update: Assassin’s Arsenal


It has come to HQ’s attention that some of you were slacking in close-quarters combat. With that in mind, I have been charged with kicking off and supervising your training in melee fighting! After our previous long-range assignment, let’s see how well you fare in a more... personal space. Grab the mission details below and get your butts over the training grounds!


We are excited to announce the latest Ironsight Content Update: Assassin’s Arsenal! It’s a seasonal patch full of horror, pumpkins, and challenges!

Disclaimer: If you have issues patching the content update, please uninstall and reinstall the game from our website. If reinstalling didn't work please contact our Customer Support.

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Operation: Cut-throat

A new event arrived, and it's all about the scariest time of the year, Halloween! Receive some spooky and scary rewards for a limited time only.

This event starts after the patch maintenance and will last until November 8 after the maintenance.

The rewards will be the following:

Achievement: Cut-throat I – Use Firefly 5 times

Black Mamba M39 EMR (1 Day) 



Achievement: Cut-throat II – Use Firefly 10 times

Pumpkin Head (7 Days) 


Achievement: Cut-throat III – Use Firefly 20 times

Ember Pumpkin Head (7 Days)


Achievement: Cut-throat IV – Use Firefly 30 times

Mount Ticket


Achievement: Cut-throat V – Use Firefly 50 times

Operation Cut-throat Pack (Crazy Halloween Title & Jack-O'-Lantern Emblem) 


New Special Mode: Knife Mode

The “Special Mode” category is a game mode section running unique and time-limited modes during the Open Beta. Here goes our second special mode about... Knives!


  • 6V6 Knife Match
  • Eliminate the enemy team using a Knife as primary weapon
  • Throwable: Throwing Knife and Smoke Grenade
  • No respawns during a round
  • Stalker, Spy Drone and UAV Recon are available
  • Restricted to the following maps: Titan, Dam, Airport, Cruise, Island, Cloud 9 and Mart
  • No matter which loadout is equipped, the character and the melee weapon will be the ones from the Loadout 1
  • Skills are disabled in this mode


New Emote

Horse Ride - "Let’s roll!"

  • Epic: Purple (weapons have a unique reload animation)
  • Rare: Pink (weapons have a unique reload animation)
  • Special: Orange
  • Advanced: Blue
  • Uncommon: Green
  • Common: Black

Assault Rifles

  • Black Mamba M39 EMR 
  • Pixel MSBS 556B
  • “Red” Skin for all Assault Rifles 

Submachine Guns

  • “Red” Skin for all Submachine Guns 

Light Machine Guns

  • Chrome Ultimax 100 
  • “Red” Skin for all Light Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles

  • “Red” Skin for all Sniper Rifles


  • Zigzag EMP MSGL 
  • Cartoon EMP MSGL 
  • Gold EMP MSGL 
  • Snake EMP MSGL 
  • Alligator EMP MSGL 
  • Leopard EMP MSGL 
  • Tiger EMP MSGL 
  • Zebra EMP MSGL 
  • Woodland EMP MSGL 
  • Digital EMP MSGL 
  • Desert EMP MSGL 
  • Arctic EMP MSGL 
  • Multi-cam EMP MSGL 
  • Blue EMP MSGL 


  • Blood Moon Karambit Knife
  • Blue Legend Karambit Knife
  • Blue Cherry Karambit Knife
  • Neon Luck Karambit Knife
  • Gentleman Karambit Knife
  • Forged Blaze Karambit Knife
  • Autumn Karambit Knife
  • Polygonal Karambit Knife
  • Universe Karambit Knife
  • Electric Karambit Knife


  • Black Mamba Viper 
  • City Clear Sight 
  • Arctic Skins for all Sight Attachments 

Shop Update

New in-game shop items (boxes and packages).

Reminder: For all boxes, only 1 item will be delivered randomly.

Leopard Limited Mystery Box (30 CHIPS):

  • Jack-O'-Lantern charm
  • Pixel MSBS 556B
  • Celebrations Ultimax 100
  • Celebrations PDR-C
  • Pixel DSR-1
  • Spring SVD
  • 1 Cartoon Weapon Skin
  • 1 Leopard Weapon Skin
  • In-game currency (5000 GP / 10000 GP / 20000 GP / 50 CHIPS / 30 CHIPS)
  • 30% EXP booster (7 days)
  • 30% GP Boost (7 days)

Special Weapon Box (500 --> 250 CHIPS):

  • 1 purchase per account. Contains 1 weapon among ALL orange rarity skins.

Community Box (299AP):

  • Skull M4 ACC-M
  • Angry Monkey AR-57
  • Spring AK-12
  • 1 community-created Karambit knife (Blood Moon / Blue Legend / Blue Cherry / Neon Luck / Gentleman / Forged Blaze / Autumn / Polygonal / Universe / Electric)
  • 1 Zigzag weapon skin (among AK-47, PDR-C, DSR-1, MK46 and G36C)
  • 1 Charm slot ticket
  • In-game currency (7500 GP / 50 CHIPS / 30 CHIPS)

Phantom's Box (299AP):

  • Phantom Sentinel Helmet
  • Jack-O'-Lantern charm
  • Pixel K2C
  • Angry Monkey FAMAS G2
  • Pixel P90 TR
  • Fire Monkey AK-12
  • Angry Monkey AR-57
  • Celebrations ACOG
  • Spring Holographic Scope
  • Snake AK-47
  • Blue Tar-21
  • Alligator HK417
  • Woodland MK46
  • Zigzag PKP
  • Cartoon Scar-H
  • Chrome M4 ACC-M
  • 1 Charm slot ticket
  • In-game currency (7500 GP / 50 CHIPS / 30 CHIPS)

Reminder: For all packages, you will receive all the items it contains. 1 purchase per account.

Chrome Ultimax Package (4500 AP --> 2970 AP):

  • Chrome Ultimax 100
  • 200 CHIPS

Special Chrome Ultimax Package (12000 AP --> 6000 AP):

  • Chrome Ultimax 100
  • City Clear Sight
  • Horse Ride emote
  • 350 CHIPS


  • Quick Navigation added from the items in the "view contents" list of a Supply Box or a Package to jump to your loadout
  • Loadout extensions have been added – You can now purchase up to 5 loadout and rename them to your convenience 
  • A new shop feature with special direct sales is available

Weapon Balancing


  • Range decreased from 29 to 27
  • Rate of fire increased from 84 to 93
  • Recoil control reduced from 68 to 67

MP5 A5

  • Rate of fire increased from 78 to 87
  • Reload speed increased slightly

P90 TR

  • Rate of fire increased from 95 to 100


  • Rate of fire increased from 100 to 108


  • Damage multiplier for each body part adjusted

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed non-rotating propeller with the UAV Recon and UAV Jammer 
  • Fixed some issues with the spectator mode
  • Fixed overlapping text in the FFA Scoreboard
  • Fixed not matching times between timer and objective on the Frontline Mode
  • Fixed an issue with drones not being properly assigned in the loadout
  • Fixed some truncation issues in the Collection System
  • Fixed an issue when reflections couldn’t be deactivated
  • Fixed the completed achievements showing “Time Left oH0M”
  • Fixed an issue with the win and lose marks on the result screen
  • Fixed an issue where PSG-1 could equip the Thermal Scope
  • Fixed a display issue with the basic Quick Shot on the K2C 
  • Fixed some Special rarity weapons appearing as 'Unavailable" 
  • Charms now only are affected by horizontal movements and move overall less 
  • Fixed some clan logos that were displayed incorrectly 
  • Improved the interactable area over booster icons
  • Fixed some collider issues on Airport 
  • Fixed the AK-12 blurry display in the Results Screen 
  • Fixed some display issues on low quality settings 
  • Kawaii Killer and All Night Party titles are now displayed properly for other users 
  • Fixed an issue where SMGs had lower recoil control than supposed to while aiming 
  • Fixed an issue where the recoil control of AR-57 was not acting as expected
  • Fixed an issue where there was no sound output when connecting a peripheric after running the game 
  • Fixed an issue where chat was shared between lobby and match 

Known Issues

  • The 4th and 5th Loadout is not shown in the Results screen 
  • Cannot use emotes while UI is deactivated 
  • After changing the language, the Loadout does not showcase the weapons temporarily 
  • Halloween Emblem and Title are not displayed for other users when equipped 
  • Jaws Rifle Scope is listed in the Loadout with a cost of 0 GOLD 
  • EMP MSGL has an animation flaw when changing weapons 
  • Due to an unforeseen issue that players reported following the patch application, we had to disable the special offer feature for the time being. We will bring it back as soon as possible