Community Highlights Vol.7

Dear Mercenaries,

Welcome to the 7th Vol. of the Community Highlights!

You’ll find some of the best content produced by you, the Ironsight Community!

Flying Pumpkins are wreaking havoc on the servers and are among our top clips this week! Get ready for the spookiest Community Highlights of the year!


Twitch Clips



LentoPlays clears that SnD round with an impressive blind firefly!



Sparky1 exploring inventive ways to clear the secure point!



ItzSocks still needs to work on his situational awareness!



JPEG_Galaxiie aces this SnD round with the TAR-21!



HotShotZpwn achieves a rather unconventional PP-2000 Penta Kill!



Firefly and Secure point. A recipe for success cooked by our chef PinkisntWell!


We interrupt our clip selection for an emergency puppy feature from blackwaspsgaming's stream!



Things get spooky in this other game from PinkisntWell!



In English_Bacon's game, it's not what it sounds like...



Here's a clean clutch, courtesy of lordminho!



Take it from Epixlarious, wait for the grenade to explode before going around corners!







AltarKan witnesses one of the funniest ragdoll ever recorded in Ironsight.



BlueTacticalSG enters this week's highlights with his very first edit. We will be waiting for more!



In this video B4TB-BfourtyB shows how deadly the crossbow can be in the right hands.


Here's a Sniper montage from realBERG!



Raitoavi is back with another great montage!



MiNhOcA - FPS AUG mastery level: "it's over 9000"!



AnthonyCSN never ceases to amaze us. Give him some love!



Screenshots & FanArts



Pumpkin Head Party by Kustard


Neilette by Arietty




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Your Ironsight Community Team