Community Highlights Vol.8

Dear Mercenaries,

Welcome to the 8th Vol. of our Community Highlights!

You’ll find below some of the best content produced by you, the Ironsight Community!

Expect a volume full of streaks, funny moments and fan art.

Without further ado, here are your highlights!


Twitch Clips



Sparky1 opens this Community Highlights Volume with a rather unconventional kill.



Playing hide-and-seek with grenades? The future is now, maaxii.



Oh boy, you are in for a show! Check PinkisntWell rampage with an astonishing Penta + Double Kill.



It ain't over until the fat lady sings. Sparky1 is back with a nice DSR-1 Quadra Kill.



2lstGun went for a Blade Drone Triple Kill one second too late...



TPBvirus with a tremendous grenade frag and an even better celebration.






Here's a short but great montage, courtesy of benedixhionboi.



Just relax and enjoy Uranium's smooth gameplay and skills.


Raitoavi would make Gunnery Sergeant Hartman proud.



In this video, Hawk9607 _  shows how deadly a crossbow can be.



HotShotZ went for a test session with his brand new MP9... This is the result.



HotShotZ is back with a fine example of Team Deathmatch domination.




Here we have Troax first Ironsight montage. Give him some love!



Some funny casual sniper footage brought to us by roesfer:  HEADPHONE WARNING for the last thirty seconds of the video :D



A rather funny approach of Ironsight sniper mode, narrated by Fordy.



Check out CaraDCojin's first video on weapon skins creation.



Screenshots & FanArts



Fan art by Questionable


Design by AltarKan


Design by Aadi880


Design by PatrykPro


Design by CaraDCojin



You have a creation you want to share with us? Send it to us on our Twitter @IronsightEN with the dedicated hashtag:

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  • #IronArt - For screenshots or Fanart creations.
  • or share it on our Discord in the right channel!

You might get featured in the next community highlights’ volume!

This was it! Don’t hesitate to provide us feedback on the forum. We are open to suggestions! Just drop us a line.

Until next time,

Your Ironsight Community Team