Minor Content Update: Flaming Dragon


Attention! HQ has established contact and reported a new assignment. Needless to say, this is not a drill! This means ladies, pack your bags, hold one last time those who are dearest to you, as since today, 22nd of November, the “Operation November” is officially deployed. 

We are excited to announce the latest Ironsight Minor Content Update: Flaming Dragon! It features a new event with exclusive rewards along with bug fixes. Last but not least, the arrival of the highly expected knife: the Golden Bowie.

Disclaimer: If you have issues patching the content update, please uninstall and reinstall the game from our website. If reinstalling didn't work please contact our Customer Support.

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Operation November

A new challenge awaits you with Operation November! Meet the event challenges requirements to unlock exclusive rewards. This event starts after the patch maintenance and will last until Thursday, 6th of December.

The rewards will be the following:

Achievement: November I – Win 2 matches in Melee 

Black Mamba M39 EMR (1 Day) 



Achievement: November II - Kill 150 enemies with any weapon 

Chrome K2C (3 Days) 


Achievement: November III – Kill 300 enemies with a K2C 

2400 GP 


Achievement: November IV – Win 20 matches in any mode

Charm Mount Ticket


Achievement: November V – Obtain 120.000 Battle Points 

Operation November Pack (Paradox Emblem & Rock Festival Title)  


New Emote

Power Code - “Distortion of the Soul”

  • Epic: Purple (weapons have a unique reload animation)
  • Rare: Pink (weapons have a unique reload animation)
  • Special: Orange
  • Advanced: Blue
  • Uncommon: Green
  • Common: Black

Assault Rifles

  • FOV ARX160 
  • Fire Monkey AK-47
  • Angry Monkey SCAR-H
  • Chrome K2C

Sniper Rifles

  • Dragon Fang PSG-1 



  • Dragon Fang Scout
  • Fire Monkey Long Eye Scope 
  • Tiger Skins for all Sight Attachments 

Shop Update

New in-game shop items (boxes and packages).

Reminder: For all boxes, only 1 item will be delivered randomly.

Arctic Limited Supply Box (30 CHIPS):

  • In-game currency (5000 GP / 10000 GP / 20000 GP / 50 CHIPS / 30 CHIPS)
  • 30% EXP Boost (7 days)
  • 30% GP Boost (7 days)
  • AK-47 Fire Monkey
  • Zigzag AK-12
  • Zigzag Vector
  • Zigzag FAMAS G2
  • Zigzag AR-57
  • Zigzag MK46
  • Zigzag MG3
  • Zigzag SG553
  • Zigzag AK-47
  • Zigzag G36C
  • Zigzag MP7A1
  • Zigzag Blaser R93
  • Zigzag ARX160
  • Zigzag MSBS 556B
  • Zigzag Ultimax 100
  • Arctic MP7A1
  • Arctic ARX160 
  • Arctic MP5 A5
  • Arctic PSG-1
  • Arctic LWRC 45
  • Arctic AK-12
  • Arctic FAMAS G2
  • Arctic PP-2000
  • Arctic SCAR-H
  • Arctic ARX160
  • Arctic AUG A3
  • Arctic MP9
  • Arctic AK-47
  • Arctic Vector
  • Arctic PDR-C
  • Arctic M4 ACC-M
  • Arctic P90 TR
  • Arctic PSG-1
  • Arctic Ultimax 100 
  • Arctic CF-X50
  • Arctic MP7A1
  • Arctic K2C
  • Arctic HK417
  • Arctic SVD
  • Arctic Blaser R93
  • Arctic AUG A3
  • Arctic G36C
  • Arctic TAR-21

K2C Chrome Pack (2970AP):

  • Chrome K2C 
  • 200 CHIPS

Special K2C Chrome Pack (6000 AP’s):

  • Chrome K2C
  • 350 CHIPS
  • Power Code Emote
  • Fire Monkey Long Eye Scope

Reminder: For all packages, you will receive all the items it contains. 1 purchase per account.


Bug Fixes

  • Charm Ticket Icon is now displayed when opening boxes 
  • Weapons EXP is not earned anymore while playing special modes such as Sniper and Melee