Community Highlights Vol.9

Dear Mercenaries,

Time for the Vol. 9 of the Community Highlights!

You’ll find here all the content produced by you, the Ironsight Community!

This week we've got streaks, great music montages and the most epic glitch compilation! Last but not least, as Christmas approaches, we have our first season fan art entries. Check out our selection right below and find out if you made it in!


Twitch Clips



Chubywubytv pulls off this amazing long-distance knife throw! 



RJXP gets an astonishing Triple Kill... with one single sniper rifle round. See it to believe it!



Watch TheCrimsonTickler wiping the entire enemy team on SnD!



Agilefoot finishing a QuadraKill in style.



KreuZtv goes on a killing spree in this TDM round!



TheAstroGerman taking advantage of his FPS IQ to pull off an unlikely kill.



We've all been there, KingGreen.



Bing Bada Boom! Watch Sutorateji rampage in an epic sequence of events.






MiNhOcA shows a great music montage with some good beats to start in the weekend.



In this montage, UzzyTheBEAST, shows us how reliable the AR-57 can be.


Raiotavi is back, once again, with another great montage!



Altarkan's portfolio of unconventional kills... Check it by yourself!



RebelXV joins with a compilation of his own match Highlights!


The struggle for Pentakills is real! Check Huskar best quadras and pentas.




HotShotZ is back with another submachine test session. In the latest video, he takes the best out of the MP5.



OriginalRedIS enters this week's highlights with his very first "One Minute Frags" series. We will be waiting for more!



Holy Cheesus! Here you can find a guide on how to achieve 60+ kills in Secure Point, courtesy of SyluxPlays.



In this video, Skibbehify presents his review "Why Ironsight?".


Join the CaraDCojin Christmas Hype Train with some seasonal weapon skin freestyle. 


Let's end this week with a hilarious glitch clip from Altarkan!



Screenshots & FanArts



Fan art by Captain Noodles


Design by AltarKan


Design by Zero Eire


Design by CaraDCojin



You have a creation you want to share with us? Send it to us on our Twitter @IronsightEN with the dedicated hashtag:

  • #IronClip - For videos and clips.
  • #IronArt - For screenshots or Fanart creations.
  • or share it on our Discord in the right channel!

You might get featured in the next community highlights’ volume!

This was it! Don’t hesitate to provide us feedback on the forum. We are open to suggestions! Just drop us a line.

Until next time,

Your Ironsight Community Team