PTS - Announcement


An exciting year of 2019 is ahead. 


The product and development team are working together in order to ensure a bright future for the game and community.  


The latest HQ Report is out with some updates regarding Ironsight’s future. This communication, specifically addressed to our community, brought several insights about the short and medium-term projects currently being worked on, namely the highly anticipated UDP netcode and the opening of a Public Test Server (or PTS).  

As the new build is being tested within our offices, we are also getting closer to opening our PTS. With that in mind, we would like to invite you to be part of this netcode rework by joining the UDP tests on said Public Test Server


All players will be welcome to join the test server as soon as it is up and running to test out the new netcode. We will run these tests until we collect enough data and feedback on the UDP update. 


In order to successfully test the new netcode protocol, we will need a sufficient amount of players playing online simultaneously on the PTS. As a matter of fact, we need to recreate an environment as close to the live servers as possible (and in a safe environment) before pushing the UDP update to our live servers and to prevent the issues that appeared during our Cruise update to reiterate. 

As a follow up to our latest HQ Report and this news, we will provide additional guidelines as we approach the Public Test Server opening. You will then receive the detailed instructions on how to access our PTS, the schedule during which our players will be able to connect, and how to report your feedback or potential issues should any arise. While we are still sorting the details, we will enable specific communication channels for PTS through Discord and forums to create a separate sections in order to collect said feedback, so make sure you join both platforms, if you are planning on joining the UDP tests. 


We are looking forward to working with our community once more during this test. You've supported us through thick and thin, and we can’t wait to go through this major milestone alongside our community. Additionally, we are excited about the Public Test Server and its future applications. We will be evaluating its use and set up the whole process for future tests as well. 


We will come back with more information soon. 

Your Ironsight Team