Ranked system rework

Who turned the headquarters into a light show? Time to stop toying around everyone and get back to some serious training. A large scale operation is coming ahead and looks like you all have been feasting upon sweets for months. Get your weapons ready, because things are about to get real serious. 


The latest patch of Ironsight has set a milestone to end the first OBT ranked period, that will remain closed while we process all the data, cross-check with the feedback received from the community and set full sail ahead to release, at a later date, our re-vamped ranked system


Our team wants to thank all of the 100K+ users that tried out our ranked matches so far in OBT. We are preparing a very special reward for all of you who did at least one of the placement matches. Said reward will be announced separately once its ready. 



Disclaimer: If you have issues patching the content update, please uninstall and reinstall the game from our website. If reinstalling didn't work please contact our Customer Support.

If you want to share your feedback, please post in the forum here.

Should you find any bug, please report it in this form.

If you have any other issue, please contact our support team here.




  • Disabled the queue for Ranked matches 
  • Removed access to the Ranking tab 
  • Removed Christmas Lobby decorations 
  • Removed Christmas Supply Box 


Your Ironsight Team