Community Highlights Vol.11

Dear Mercenaries,

Welcome to the Vol. 11 of the Community Highlights!

2019 arrived and with it our first Community Highlight after the winter break! Let's see what happened over the last weeks.


Twitch Clips




English Bacon opens this volume but also ends this SnD match with a clutch colateral! 




SoraFXGaming misjudges his jump and SDs on Oceanfront.




SkyTr0n from JPEGeSports delivers a clean Penta on Titan.



EpixLarious goes on a killing spree in this TDM round!



TPBvirus achieves a rather impressive kill streak on Mart. Better watch your back, folks.



In this game, zumlustigenschnitzlwirt punishes these oblivious snipers on Airport!



That's how you do it, sparky1.



In this SnD round, sparky1. nearly gets the Ace but still get the victory.



Smee45 arrived late for the party but he still manage to pull quite an entrance.



TrueDeviL clears the sniper nest with a well placed Blade Drone.



Decentblack0ut reaction is just too good to miss.



ThisGirlSlays is out to GET YA!





Hold your breath... HollowStudioZ is in for some next level gameplay.



HotShotZ is back with another entry in his weapon mastery series.



EpixLarious still delivers with this Bulldog Scar-H compilation. 


Mike cooked up a chill music montage to start the weekend.




Nopproblem + PKP + Firefly turns out to be a deadly combination.



Auracheetah compiled some of his best clips late 2018, check it out!



Here we have a very addictive music compilation by raitoavi.




Here we have a throwing axe compilation, presented by SoldatBANE IRON



Here we have a very addictive music compilation Need to work on your Explosive Throwing Knife? MiraTheKilla MTK can show you the ropes!




ArmyKnifeWolf is the hero we need but not the one we deserve. A Robin Hood of modern times if you will.



In this hardcore edition, RasiK clears secure point with extreme efficiency.



Special Delivery! A next level meme compilation by CoalSlaw.



Screenshots & FanArts



Fan Art by Fyodora Khulun @ Cali


Fan Art by Rachelyoubish


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You might get featured in the next community highlights’ volume!

This was it! Don’t hesitate to provide us feedback on the forum. We are open to suggestions! Just drop us a line.

Until next time,

Your Ironsight Community Team


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