Intel Received: Public Test Server Incoming


After a lot of planning, we can finally present you with our first PTS testing!

You might ask, what a PTS is, or what we are testing. You will find all of this and more in the following:

What is the Public Test Server (PTS)?

PTS means Public Test Server. It is a dedicated environment where all Ironsight players can try upcoming game changes and test new features.

What you need to know:

All testing servers are made for testing purposes! As it is a testing environment, please understand that you might face errors and bugs. Any kind of purchases with AP is not possible, instead, your PTS account will have a starting fund of 500K GP and 5000 CHIPs. You will be playing with your own account, but the test environment and the live server are different realities, so any progress made in one will not be reflected in another. You may lose - in the PTS environment - items, progress, have troubles playing, etc. The advantage of such servers is that they allow you to access new content and test it before it's patched on live servers. The Public Test Server is located in Europe, which may potentially cause some latency for our players outside of Europe. However, to improve the quality of testing, we invite all our players to join: All feedback is welcome and important for us to better evaluate the game and the feature(s) being tested.


We will have "Focus Testing" session, on Wednesday and Saturday from 6:00PM to 11:59PM (CET). The aim of those sessions is to gather the maximum amount of users in order to get a maximum amount of information from our server.

And of course, because we appreciate you helping us, if you play during those sessions, you'll get rewards on your LIVE account! You'll find more information below!

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our team on Discord.

What are we testing?

With this update, we will test our latest patch with the following changes:

  • Netcode Update: Change in communications protocol from TCP to UDP for the game servers.

When and how long is it going to be available?

The public test server will be accessible to access from Tuesday, 12th of March at 12PM (CET) until Monday, 18th of March at 10AM (CET).

How to access the PTS?

You will need a distinctive Ironsight PTS client, which you can simply download from here. After the installation is done, you will be able to use the same credentials you use on the Live servers. On the PTS, testers will start from the beginning and have to select a new Callsign again. You will be able to quick-start on the PTS, which allows you to purchase weapons and attachments easily.

Where can I meet other mercenaries? 

You can meet other mercenaries on our discord in the dedicated PTS sections in order to chat & share your feedback/opinion. Here are the dedicated sections:

  • #pts_announcement - here we will post major information regarding the PTS.
  • #known_issues - here will post the main issues known regarding the PTS.
  • #pts_general - here you can chat with other mercenaries about anything regarding the PTS.
  • #pts_questions_and_feedback - here your can ask questions or share your feedback about the PTS. We also, have a form for you to fill out, if you want to be 200% sure we get your feedback! You can find the link in the section below.
  • #pts_technical_support - In this channel, you can report any technical issue, and our team will assist you if they can.

How to provide feedback?

Feedback about the PTS and the features that are being tested can be shared on our forum. Alternatively, you can fill out this form to give us a better understanding of your experience.

How to report bugs/issues?

You can report bugs in our bug report form here.

Are there any rewards for participation?

Anyone who participates in this special testing session will receive rewards based on the progression level plus focus testing attendance. More information below:

Overall PTS Session

Level to reach Reward
3 Superior Supply Box
5 10 CHIPS
10 Superior Supply Box x2
15 30 CHIPS
20 Angry Monkey Box


Focus Testing

  • First session: Wednesday, 13th of March from 6:00PM (CET) to 11:59PM (CET).
  • Second session: Saturday, 16th of March from 6:00PM (CET) to 11:59PM (CET).
Action Reward
Play 1 Quick Match per day Superior Supply Box: up to 10 times
Play 3 Quick Matches per day 10 CHIPS
Play 5 Quick Matches per day Angry Monkey Box


  • Rewards will be sent on the Live Server to the same account login that was used to log into the PTS.
  • Only Matches from regular matchmaking will be takin into consideration.

Is streaming or sharing content from the PTS allowed?

We encourage everyone to share and stream PTS content. Please make sure to include PTS in the title, should you stream on this server or upload content about it.


We are looking forward to working with our community during the UDP test. You've supported us through thick and thin, and we can’t wait to go through this major milestone alongside our community. 


Thank you for your support.

Your Ironsight Team