Community Highlights Vol.12

Dear Mercenaries,

You'll find here all the content produced by you, the Ironsight Community!

This week we've got some epic sniper gameplay with plenty of streaks and pro moments. Check out our selection right below and find out if you made it in!


Twitch Clips




 JPEGeSports ZuTtiX delievering a clean Penta on Cruise during a Secure Point match.




You are about to witness ApowTV's domination with an aggressive sniping gameplay.




ApowTV is back with a quick triple headshot kill



No way! What an epic grenade throw by mrcringegaming.



During Riahlynn28's Valentine's Day stream, she takes the best out of the golden G36C by scoring six smooth kills in a row.




In this clip, im_adika makes use of air superiority in order to strike a monstrous Hexa Kill.






PatrykPro is back with another great montage!



Oh boy, you are in for some pro sniper gameplay. Check the latest competitive highlights from reaLBERG!



Welcome t0p n0tch first Ironsight clips collection. You can expect some epic sniper gameplay followed by a rather immersive soundtrack.


Dang GODHollowZ! How do you get them thicc legs? Check the video above for some team carrying gameplay.




Embrace the Tide by Saurians.



First Ironsight Sniper Montage by WarOfCute. Give him some love, peeps.



And yet another Sniper Montage by WarOfCute.




You are about to witness HotShotZ Hexa Kill Rampage.



Aggressive sniping by LoZay.




In this video, Mattheus767 shares his quadra and penta kills collection.



If you are into music montages, grab your coffee, relax and start your weekend by enjoying Shiro Sensei video.



For our french viewers: "M4 vs AK-47" the clash between two iconic weapons through the eyes of the one and only, Mr.Burns.



We finish this highlights section with an approved educational content: "Nades Spots - Titan", brought to us by MinhoTV.



Screenshots & FanArts



Fan Art by Yashers


Ironsight Attachment Groups by Sams


Chemistry Famas by PatrykPro


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You’ll find here all the content produced by you, the Ironsight Community!