HQ Report #4


It's been about two months and an update is due! So put aside your gun and take a drink. It's debrief time.


Netcode Fix & Public Test Server

This is the big one! For those who missed the last HQ Report: The last time we tried to fix the Netcode, it caused big issues on our live servers. To prevent that from happening again, we are going to deploy a public test server to test the netcode fix.
It's been a while since you've received some info and you may be wondering why. In sake of transparency and to satisfy curiosity of those who want to know more about what's going on behind the scenes, here is what happened:

  • Wiple Games provided us with the next patch.
  • We deployed it on our internal test server and did some testing. As we know that the main testing for this topic would require you, the players, these were mostly surface tests.
  • We ran some stress tests on our server.
  • We prepared the communications and some rewards (more on that later).
  • We prepared the public test server (PTS) and deployed the patch there.
  • We ran the surface and stress test on the PTS.
  • We finalized the installers and uploaded them.
  • We worked together with our mod team to test the installer and PTS connections.
  • We coordinated with Wiple Games on the finalization.

Of course, there are many back-and-forths and sub-steps in each of these. Therefore, it took us some time to prepare, but here we are, finally ready to go! By the time you are reading this, news regarding the PTS will already be up on our web page!


All of our team here in Berlin and Wiple Games in Seoul hope that you will join us in testing to help us get the best results. To thank you for your support, we prepared some rewards (boxes and chips) for anyone testing. You'll find the details on that in the relative news. But it doesn't stop there! We actually have a small, exclusive gift for your participation!

The Dissection Specialist is a tag title for all those, who enter the PTS to analyze the details of the latest content for Ironsight.

We will have some more exclusive gifts for certain actions during the open beta, but we'll talk about those when their time comes.

Wiple Visit

An important event for us this month was a visit from Wiple Games! Our main point of contact from Wiple and the Senior Project Manager Chris visited our office and we partied hard had meetings all day long!

It was the first time we met in person, so it was really nice to be able to talk face to face. Of course, Chris shared with us MANY SECRETS, like the upcoming and . In fact, we even saw the long awaited !

You'll see more about that later. Of course, we took a picture and thought you guys might want to see it too.

Glimpse of the Future

Some of you wanted to see what lay in the future and what else Wiple Games was working on. In addition to what's listed above, I want to talk about and even actually SHOW you some things Chris shared with us.

Everything mentioned below is either being analyzed or is work-in-progress. The final results may and most likely will change. Depending on the results of our analysis and how everything turns out, some may not even be implemented.
For some of them, there will be little to almost no information, but I wanted to include the headlines to let you know something is being worked on.

Ranked Mode

Wiple Games has been working on fixing and bringing back the Ranked Mode, and they're almost done! We don't have an ETA right now since the focus is on testing the Netcode. You may hear about Ranked Mode #soon, after we are done with that. More details will also follow.

New Modes

New modes are in the works. Current plans include 2 PvP modes and more & better modes in PvE!

Custom Games

We know you want more options and we're conveying that to Wiple. We will let them know which options are more important, so please drop a comment, if you have any features that you prefer!

Battle Pass

Battle Pass systems are being implemented on many shooters and we are considering doing the same. It's still in the works, but we think it may be a good idea to give everyone something to do and earn attractive rewards in the process.


One of the first things Wiple shared with us even before the visit is concerning maps. Basically, the changes are mostly cosmetic and come in two flavors: Quality improvement and anti-camping. In addition, there are some new maps (either those being revised from the KR version or completely new ones). Quality improvement basically means making better use of the power of the Iron Engine™. Anti-camping means changes applied to lighting to make certain camp spots more visible.

Here, have a look:


There were two main topics when it comes to drones. One is a new drone being worked on! We don't have anything to show you at the moment, but I'll tease that it's a defensive drone.
The other topic was Wiple's analysis of drone categories. You might already know that in the Korean version, tactical and offensive categories did not exist. Having seen results of both, Wiple is comparing the two methods and analyzing, if it's better to remove the categories. What do you think?


As you can see, there is a lot going on for Ironsight! We still have no ETAs for the launch or a Steam version, but it's simply because we do not want to rush the game to a full release with obvious issues. To that end, we are reading all your feedback, checking the data on our side and are coordinating with Wiple to deliver a better experience for our players.

That's all for this time, Mercs! Thanks again for your support and please drop a comment if you made it this far. Now, time to pick your weapon back up and get some kills! Until next time!

PS: Speaking of matches, if you see the_Director in the game, try to stand very still in front of this person and do NOT shoot him. I need easy kills.