Community Highlights: Best of Ironsight Edition

Dear Mercenaries,

Welcome to a very special Community Highlights: The Best Of Ironsight Edition!

In this volume we will be featuring some of the best content produced during the last year, as Ironsight is celebrating 1 year of OBT.

Take your time, relax and enjoy some of the most epic Ironsight gameplay ever recorded by our elite mercenaries.


Twitch Clips




 In this Search & Destroy match, v1nfps finish it in style with a no scope DSR-1 kill.




JPEGeSports Galaxiie with a superb situational awareness skills overpowers five enemies.




During his latest vacations in Cruise, JPEGeSports SKyTr0n drops the margaritas for a short while and pulls two colaterals in a quick sequence of events.






In this video, Mattheus767 shows how effective the G36C is for crowd control.



4evabreeze finds himself comfy in a sniper nest and delivers a quick clean quadra kill.



Sniper, Pistol or Knife kills? Just pick your poison. Yan Tears got them all!


There are many DSR-1's but this one belongs to Agent369. This riffle is his best friend.




Dr3ad is here to judge you. Better watch you back, folks.



You are about to witness Alienware domination with an aggressive sniping gameplay.



In this video, the biG_pun[1]sher delivers reckoning on Oceanfront.




Rare Red is making the most out of this gadgets during a Search and Destroy match.



Epic grenade throw by LifeArtist securing the match victory.




Check MrBurns penta rampage. Allez!



Always mind your surroundings, HiDd3x.



In this clip you will witness HotShotZ_ hexa kill rampage during TDM.



Yes, baby! This is Ironsight on steroids! This clip from iTn_Trigger is pure gold :D.



Add 1 grenade, 1/3 of skill and 2/3 of luck and wait for the result. Curious? Skip Lord Voldenerd recipe and watch result here.



GODHollowZ, against all odds, turning a near defeat into a stunning victory! Give him some love, peeps.



Emo_Cheesecake taking it to the next level: nothing but pure skill!



Seekax is the real MVP!



Lolicon aimed for the stars with this clip. If you didn't watch the winner content of the Best of Ironsight event, this is definitely a good time to do it.



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Until next time,

Your Ironsight Community Team


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