HQ Report #5

Hello Mercenaries,

Time for another update!

It's been an adventurous time since the last HQ Report: We've conducted our first Public Test Server session. Then, we gathered all the data and the reports and proceeded to discuss the status and further details with Wiple Games. Finally, we ran a final PTS session just to be sure and...applied the patch!

We have several topics to discuss. So, without further ado, let's get to it!


PTS & Patch

The patch is out, so it must be good, right? Right! It is good indeed. We've taken a big step towards fine-tuning the scheduled enhancements of the game.
Let's start with what really happened; what was really in the patch. While I can't fully disclose the details (for security reasons), I can give you a rough idea: The majority of the package traffic between the server and the client is now using the UDP protocol.
What does this do for us? First of all, it makes the communication between the client (your PC) and the servers smoother. More importantly, it lays the groundwork for more changes.
And by changes I mean improving matchmaking, adding a system to handle lagging users etc.  As was mentioned earlier, making changes to the netcode of the game is a very meticulous and difficult task this far into game development. It requires fundamental changes and extensive care to ensure it is done properly.
Of course, individual experience will depend on specs and connection but overall we are happy to say we see good trends in activity! We are also happy to let you know that "future netcode changes" starts with the very next patch!

Cloud9 before/after


PTS Rewards

I know. I know. That's why I gave it a whole section of its own.
The extraction of some of the data proved to be a bit tricky since we were on different servers and databases. We are looking into it.
Here is my promise: If we haven't tackled the issue by the next HQ Report, we'll find an alternative.



So, this is done. What happens now?
I'm excited to be able to say we are already testing a new build and discussing many new (added “new” here, just to be more specific but maybe it changes the meaning) features for the near future as well as for the more distant future. A few highlights:

  • Ranked mode v2.0!
  • Further netcode improvements!
  • Map polish!
  • Bug fixes!
  • New skins!
  • And more?!

But until then, have a quick look!

Kranken Desert Eagle


Competitive Scene

I’m glad to see that the latest patch awakened more of our competitive players, even on the PTS. We'd also like to devote more of our time to the competitive element of the game (especially as Ranked Mode is being reintroduced next patch). Nevertheless, while we’re at it, I’d like to drop a few comments on the topic.
The competitive element of the game is made up of two equal and essential parts: Our efforts and the community efforts.

On our side, we've initiated both long-term and short-term efforts. The short-term efforts focus principally on supporting the efforts of the community, while our longer term initiative is directed at driving the future of the game into e-sports. This comes both from Aeria/gamigo and Wiple Games. At this point, we cannot disclose much regarding our long-term efforts, except that we have features on the roadmap to support the scene (and the aforementioned short-term efforts).

On the community side - community tournaments have started already. We want to support these tournaments in every way we can. I really care about these efforts and I'd like to see their organization flourish. On the other side, we want a certain quality for this supported, but unofficial scene to promote good organization efforts. For that, we've started working on certain guidelines for such tournaments as well as working on figuring out how we could support them. In essence, our tentative goal is to intensify the backing of organizers who successfully create tournaments. Nothing decided yet, we'll keep you updated. I'd love to hear your feedback on this.

I'd like to add one personal note here. In the past I've worked on and been part of competitive communities, especially shooters and I've noticed certain "competitive" trends between sub-communities: One community will attack the other, they will try to make them look bad, they will point out every mistake etc. I do NOT want that. It's not to say we ignore mistakes, but we can choose to be constructive about them. If you are able to organize good tournaments, then you'll only look better to us if you are supportive of others. If you aren't doing what's needed, attacking others will only make everyone disregard your efforts. So please choose being constructive and supportive over adding to the drama. The more smoothly run tournaments we have, the better for all of us and we will definitely consider backing the kind of organizers that are supportive of the whole scene.



Following the events of last week, I also want to talk about game security. As most of you are aware, we are working with Easy Anti-Cheat, a tool widely recognized in the industry. On top of that, both Aeria and Wiple have certain security measures directed at a variety of possible security cases. We're taking the issue very seriously. As soon as we received the information regarding the exploit, we reached out to both EAC and Wiple to issue a fix.

As a general note, I kindly ask everyone not to resort to actions such as this. We have EAC, we have reports coming to us and we're always working on improving these systems. Not only are you ruining the experience for others, you are also risking your own account.


HQ Reports

Another short-ish HQ Report but I wanted to make sure we don't take too long to post it. Also, about that, let's take a look at our HQ Report frequency:

  • HQR#1: March 23, 2018
  • HQR#2: July 23, 2018 (3 months)
  • HQR#3: Communication Reestablished: Jan 9, 2018 (whooping ~5 months)
  • HQR#4: March 7, 2019 (2 months)
  • HQR#5: April 17, 2019 (~1 month)

I'd like to keep this 1-2 month trend as promised. Once our current discussions are clarified, I'll be sharing more regarding upcoming features as well.

Let me know if you have any questions and queries other than the usual ones!


Signature Event

Last but not least, I want to thank all participants for entering the signature and especially the winner: PatrykPro! I have to say, I really like the movie director additions, I did not consider that angle myself.

That's all, folks!

Thanks for reading and see you next time.


PS: If you see the_Director in the game, try to position your character in a way that you catch his bullets. I heard that scores extra points.