PTS Rewards: Incoming


You have participated. You have waited. You have been patient.

And now, this is finally being rewarded!

Firstly, we want to express our most sincere gratitude to you all. Not only for helping us make Ironsight the game we want it to be, but also for the patience you've shown to us during these passed two months.

We know you've all been eagerly waiting to receive your PTS Rewards, and please believe us: We wanted to get them out to you much, much sooner! Unfortunately, sometimes technology has a bit of a mind of its own. Thus, due to certain issues which arose during the data extraction process, we were unable to distribute required rewards as we would have desired.

But now the issue has been fixed, right? Weeell, no. But, as our dear overlord the_Director promised in our last HQ Report, we are not going to make you wait any longer! So, with great pleasure, we now announce that EVERYONE who participated in the PTS will receive the following rewards:

  • 35 Superior Supply Boxes
  • 150 CHIPS
  • 10 Angry Monkey Boxes
  • 1 Charm Ticket
  • Ice Cream Charm

These rewards have been sent, as of NOW, to EVERY participant's Storage. We hope that you're all happy with this decision. Of course, our initial intention was to offer greater rewards for those who invested more of their time. Unfortunately, this is currently impossible.

As you may have noticed, we've also included a little extra reward in addition to what was previously announced, as a special thanks to all of you for your patience during this delay. It's something you don't find every day and we hope you all like it. It's also delicious!

Furthermore, we've got some numbers for you that we thought you might find interesting:

is the total number of players who participated in the PTS sessions.

is the total amount of milliseconds spent on the PTS across all players and all sessions. That's roughly 314,424 minutes, which then again is around 5,240 hours. This means you crazy people spent a whopping 218 DAYS on the PTS! :D *tilt*

is how many kills were achieved during that time. That's A LOT of corpses. Glad they're all just virtual, haha...^^'

And of course, no such list would be complete without mentioning the Top 3 Players:

1st Place goes to fuface
You got 3,804 (three thousand eight hundred and four!) kills, you died 1,942 times, and you gave 729 assists. These numbers won you a total of 112 matches, while you lost only 16. Con-Gra-Tu-La-Tions!

2nd Place: NA_is_better
Your stats are: 2,537 kills, 1,212 deaths, 532 assists. This got you 53 wins and 22 losses.

3rd Place: JustSauz
Your stats: 2,533 kills, 791 deaths, 492 assists. You won 65 matches and only lost 8. We're mighty proud of each one of you!


We're mighty proud of each one of you!

So once again: Thank you! You guys and gals are an awesome bunch and we couldn't wish for a better community <3

Should we conduct another PTS in the future, we solemnly swear that we're up to no good that we'll do our best to get your rewards out to you sooner!

And now, mercenaries, go outside, enjoy the sun and grab yourselves some Ice Cream ;) !

Your Ironsight Community Team hearts you. Big time.