Content Update: Phoenix


HQ reports that the war between NAF and EDEN is escalating. Mercs of either side can take part in Operation: Ground Zero to do their part. In other news: The ranked battlegrounds are back, where HQ will decide which mercs are the best. Slacking's over, soldier. Pack up, it's time to rise and shine.

We are excited to announce the latest Ironsight Content Update: Phoenix! It features a new Event, map improvements, the long-awaited Ranked 2.0, our own Battle Pass: The Iron Pass and much more.


Patch 79_80 weighs 850+ MB and includes a game launcher update. This will cause the launcher to reappear after the first login with the updated version. The time to download the update might take longer than usual.

If you have issues patching the content update, please uninstall and reinstall the game from our website. If reinstalling didn't work, please contact our Customer Support. For questions and discussions, feel free to visit our Discord server.

If you want to share your feedback, please post in the forum here.

Should you find any bug, please report it in this form.

As announced in our previous HQ Report, we are releasing a Battle Pass: The Iron Pass.

Please keep in mind that we are currently testing this feature in our Open Beta and will make changes in the future. Feel free to provide us with feedback about the new feature on our forum.

The first Iron Pass season, Ground Zero, has rewards for both Basic users or Premium users that acquire the Iron Pass ticket for 999 AP.

You will be able to climb the tiers of the free pass to gain rewards.

Additionally, you can purchase the Iron Pass that will grant you extra missions and exclusive rewards.

One season will last for 3 months and you will have 30 steps to complete in the first season.

You'll progress by completing season missions as well as daily contracts, which will grant you the medals needed to progress.



The Ranked Mode is back and better than ever. The mode was revamped and you can climb the leaderboard again!

You will find it in the Tab “Ranking Battle”, where you can compete against others in Search and Destroy matches. Your score is based on an ELO Rating system and depends on your general performance and your wins and losses. Additionally, you can queue up with friends now to compete against others.

The Ranked Matches will feature 4 maps each season that will be randomly played on. In the 1st season these will be:

  • Titan
  • Cloud9
  • Mart
  • Oceanfront


For completing your placement matches, you will receive a rank based on your ELO ranking:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • ​Master

After the season ends, you will receive a Dog Tag based on your rank. A ranked season will last for 3 months.

A new challenge awaits you with Operation Rebirth! Here are the event challenges required to unlock exclusive rewards. This event starts after the patch maintenance and will last until 15th of June.

The rewards will be the following:


Operation Rebirth I - Win 2 matches in any mode  

Royal Jester AUG A3 (1 Day)  


Operation Rebirth II - Kill 150 enemies with an AUG A3  

Old Man AK-47 (1 Day)  


Operation Rebirth III - Kill 300 enemies with an AK-47 

2,400 GP


Operation Rebirth IV - Win 20 matches in any mode  

Charm Slot Ticket

Operation Rebirth V - Gain 120,000 Battle Points.

"Larva" Title and "Liar and True" Emblem   


  • Epic: Purple (weapons have a unique reload animation)
  • Rare: Pink (weapons have a unique reload animation)
  • Special: Orange
  • Advanced: Blue
  • Uncommon: Green
  • Common: Black

Assault Rifles

  • Old Man AK-47
  • Royal Jester AUG A3
  • Europa HK417
  • Snow Skin for all ARs
  • Treasure FAMAS G2

Submachine Guns

  • S4LT-Storm LWRC 45
  • Ice Cold PDR-C
  • Patagonia PDR-C
  • Celebration MP5 A5
  • Snow Skin for all SMGs

Light Machine Guns

  • Snow Skin for all LMGs

Sniper Rifles

  • City DSR-1
  • Snow Skin for all SRs
  • Root Blaser R93


  • Kraken Desert Eagle


  • Old Man Laser Sight
  • Royal Jester Holographic Sight
  • Angry Monkey Monitoring Sight
  • Multicam Skin for all Sight attachments


  • Metal Reaper
  • 140+ country flags
  • ​Clan Marks

New Emote

  • Drunkard – "Hic!”

New Boxes added in our in-game shop

Reminder: For all boxes, only 1 item will be delivered randomly.

Zebra Limited Supply Box (30 CHIPS):

  • 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 GP
  • 30 or 50 CHIPS
  • 30% GP Boost
  • 30% EXP Boost
  • City DSR-1
  • Celebrations MP5 A5
  • Metal Reaper
  • Cartoon Skin of all primary weapons
  • Zebra Skin of all primary weapons

Snow Supply Box (499 AP):

  • 50 CHIPS
  • 13,220 GP
  • Patagonia PDR-C
  • Snow Skin of all primary weapons
  • Arctic Skin of all primary weapons

Community Box Mk3 updated with:

  • S4LT LWRC 45
  • Kraken Desert Eagle
  • Ice Cold PDR-C

New Packs added in our in-game shop

Treasure FAMAS G2 Pack (2,970 AP):

  • 200 CHIPS
  • Treasure FAMAS G2

Special Treasure FAMAS G2 Pack (6,000 AP):

  • 350 CHIP
  • Charm Slot Ticket
  • Treasure FAMAS G2
  • Angry Monkey Monitoring Sight
  • Metal Reaper


With this patch, all weapons have been tweaked. Find below the new modifications:

  • Slight delay to shooting or sprinting after a jump over an obstacle.
  • EMP effect enhancement: After being hit by an EMP effect you are unable to call in drones for a few seconds.
  • Cross Hair Size increased for ARs, SMGs and LMGs.
  • Headshot damaged increased and abdominal damaged reduced for: G36C, MSBS 556B, M4 ACC-M, AN94, and Ultimax 100.
  • Minimal Damage Upgraded for ARX160, M4 ACC-M, AUG A3, AK47, G36C, TAR-21, MSBS 556B.
  • Throwing weapon speed increased by 20% (except Throwing and Explosive Knives).
  • "Nimble Hands" skill effect decreased from x3 to x2 animation speed.


  • Range increased from 53 to 58
  • Recoil control increased from 52 to 54
  • ​Rate of Fire decreased from 63 to 60


  • Recoil control decreased from 70 to 67 
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 70 to 65


  • Range decreased from 55 to 51
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 72 to 67


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 51 to 41


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 74 to 69


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 87 to 80


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 80 to 75


  • Range decreased from 60 to 57
  • Recoil control decreased from 72 to 65
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 74 to 69


  • Range decreased from 48 to 46
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 76 to 72


  • Range increased from 43 to 47
  • Recoil control increased from 57 to 63
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 74 to 69


  • Recoil control decreased from 69 to 64
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 67 to 62


  • Range decreased from 58 to 53
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 69 to 64


  • Range decreased from 53 to 50
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 67 to 59 


  • Range increased from 46 to 53
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 61 to 56


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 53 to 49


  • Range decreased from 58 to 57
  • Recoil control increased from 86 to 90
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 67 to 62


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 91 to 85


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 93 to 86


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 91 to 85

P90 TR

  • Rate of Fire decreased from 100 to 92


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 83 to 77

MP5 A5

  • Rate of Fire decreased from 87 to 80


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 108 to 100


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 72 to 67


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 84 to 78


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 89 to 82


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 21 to 20


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 23 to 21


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 25 to 23


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 81 to 75

Ultimax 100

  • Rate of Fire decreased from 67 to 62


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 94 to 87


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 69 to 64


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 56 to 52


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 74 to 69


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 44 to 41

Desert Eagle

  • Rate of Fire decreased from 33 to 31


  • Effective range decreased from 200m to 20m
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 28 to 26


  • Effective range decreased from 200m to 20m
  • Rate of Fire decreased from 74 to 69

M320 GLM

  • Rate of Fire decreased from 7 to 6

Combat Crossbow

  • Rate of Fire decreased from 7 to 6


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 83 to 77


  • Rate of Fire decreased from 15 to 14 


The following maps have received polishing and graphical improvements:

  • Island
  • Airport
  • Cruise
  • Outpost
  • Ironwork
  • Mart
  • Cloud9


Loading Screen improvements

The loading screen has been updated and the initial loading time has been improved.

Mode Improvements

Secure Point: During a Secure point match, more information messages will be visible.

Search and Destroy: Improved C4 interactions when dropped on moving platforms on the following maps:

  • Cloud9
  • Titan
  • Island
  • Airport
  • Oceanfront
  • ​Dam

Mini Map improvements

Highlighting of characters on the minimap has been improved.

Custom Match

  • Room leader is now the one starting the match, regardless of players ready.
  • Whenever the Room leader is changed, a message is displayed in the chat.
  • Name length for custom matches increased.


Improved profanity filter.


  • The melee weapon animation for third person was polished for smoother visuals.
  • Improved highlights of Throwing weapons by tracking only the last 4 meters before death instead of 8 meters.
  • Sniper Rifle Scopes have been modified on reticle thickness for better visibility.
  • Box Opening Improvements: When opening supply boxes, the lightning effect of the animation matches the rarity of the object obtained.
  • Transparent surfaces no longer hide the visibility of the allies' Callsign.
  • New configuration options in the Video settings allow the user to toggle the visibility of allied Callsigns with three distinctive modes:
    • ​On aim - Allied Callsign is only displayed when user is in field of view.
    • Party only - Callsigns from users from the player's party are always visible, even through cover.
    • Always - All allied Callsigns are displayed at all times, even through cover.



Loadout System and UI

Drone loadout is now separated from the equipment loadout. The loadout does not change, regardless of the equipment loadout selected. This ensures that the Battle Point progress is not lost when switching a loadout.

Loadout menu UI has been revamped. Loadout lists are now on the left and the equipment on the right.

The Charm menu has been updated into sections to find charms based on their theme.

Launcher Design Changes

The launcher received an overall redesign.

Italian Language

The game now has an Italian localization. If you find localization issues, feel free to fill out this form.

Player Interactions

After a match, the messenger menu displays “Recent players”, allowing you to see who was in your previous match and invite them to your party or add them as your friends.

You can now invite party members into your clan by clicking on their Callsign in the lobby.


  • High-Ping Limit: Users whose average ping is above 400ms will be disconnected from the game rooms.
  • Trade Kills: More restrictive measures on server-side have been applied to avoid users being able to still kill with their last shots after they have died. This measure is not applicable to projectile-based weapons such as crossbows or grenade launchers.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected several map glitches and navigation issues across all maps.
  • Fixed anomalies for weapon information when being killed.
  • Fixed an animation issue when shooting and aiming.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to have the Secondary Weapon slot empty.
  • Fixed a possible crash when opening the Collection Tab.
  • Allied Callsigns are now visible through glass objects.
  • Enforced security to avoid exploits with game files.
  • Friend search is no longer case sensitive. Find your friends more easily!
  • Loadout default name is now localized when changing languages (does not apply to user-modified loadout names).
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to equip titles and emblems.
  • Fixed an issue on Spectator Mode that made it impossible to see Callsigns after pressing TAB.
  • Improved placement of drones that need to be deployed.
  • Metal Reaper is no longer immune to explosions from barrels or vehicles.
  • Corrected issues when a match starts while a user is opening boxes.
  • Fixed an issue that would make other characters not appear on the highlights.
  • Users are no longer offered the possibility to block themselves in the Messenger.
  • LAWS, Hydra, and Escort drones no longer keep attacking after the end of a round.
  • NPCs are no longer entitled to get a highlight at the end of a match. Players are the protagonists!
  • Previous weapon key can now be reassigned.
  • Fixed the display of the progression of Gold weapons achievement when checking the conditions to unlock the weapon.
  • Several UI corrections and improvements for truncated strings.
  • Custom match passwords can now contain spaces.
  • Tutorials adapted to the new Loadout screen.
  • Fixed a problem where the 3D character does not change when the weapon is changed in the Loadout.
  • Fixed an issue where daily contracts were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where ESC menu could not be opened when waiting for other players at the start of the match.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug that disturbed repair costs. Costs have been adjusted to the intended values.

  • Drone tutorial does not trigger by default for new accounts.
  • AUG A3 shooting audio indoors is muffled.
  • Trying to shoot while sprinting slows the character.
  • Tutorial achievement is not shown on the result match screen upon completion.