June's Deals!


Now that our shop is open, every month, we'll offer you exclusive deals, that will last for that month's duration only.

We are looking forward to hear your feedback about those and about the shop in general.

Without further ado, let's see what we prepared for you in June!

For June, here are the monthly deals:


Deal of the Month: Chrome DSR-1

  • Chrome DSR-1
  • Zigzag Scout
  • 20 000 GP

All of these items for 1499 AP instead of 4499 AP!

Ginormous Deal: Skull M4 ACC-M

  • Skull M4 ACC-M
  • 20 000 GP
  • Charm Slot Ticket

All of these items for 4499 AP instead of 5999 AP! This is a UNIQUE chance to DIRECTLY purchase a Special Weapon!

As mentioned above, those offers will be available only in June.

In the rest of the webmall, you'll find many interesting offers such as:

- Boxes no longer available in the game - for those of you who missed them​
- Lucrative one time deals - for new players and old fans alike
- and more!

As always, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

In time, we might add more categories and shape the webmall content to match your needs.


If you need AP, charge here.


Your Ironsight Team