HQ Report #6

Hello everyone and welcome to HQ Report #6.

Grab your beverage of choice and come over, let's talk.

May was a busy month! We released the Phoenix Update. If you haven't, check the trailer (headphone warning though.)




You can read about it here.

Then we opened our web shop which you can find here.

Meanwhile, we had a problem with GP gains and repair costs, but we've tried our best to negate any potential damage.

Somehow, with all that's going on, May has ended and June arrived. But what's in store for Ironsight now? What's next?

Time to delve deeper into the topics.



Phoenix Update

This was the biggest update we've had for a long while with so much change!

The Iron Pass was very interesting for most of you, evident by hundreds and thousands and millions (might be slightly exaggerated) of you who purchased it. We think it can be even better and we'll be providing further feedback to Wiple about that.

Ranked Mode hase been embraced as well, although we have some things to work on. We're reading the feedback on both technical problems and also the system. We've reported certain topics already and Wiple is looking forward to hearing more.

We've also been reading on the reactions to balance changes. While there are discussion about all the particular changes, I found some interesting questions about the philosophy of balance in general and I've reached out to Wiple to learn more about that as well.

There are a few issues I'd like to address directly:

GP/Repair Issue: I have talked about this and I think there is no need to get into details but basically, repair costs were broken after the patch. A change was indeed to happen, but not to this extent. We've provided you with GP boosts and codes to help you meanwhile.

Matchmaking: There are a couple separate issues regarding Matchmaking. They've been reported to Wiple and we'll deploy fixes as soon as we have them.

Speaking of fixes, we do have a patch that we are testing internally as I'm writing this. Some of the problems will be addressed in that patch.


Web Shop

We've opened our web shop towards the end of the month and some of the deals have been already VERY popular.

In the Web Shop, our main focus is diversity. We'd like to provide you with alternative ways to acquire items. For example, we have some crates in Featured with a particular Advanced or Special item. While they do require a bit of luck, the good news is that you know what you get when you are lucky. We have some boxes in Starter that guarantee you a Special item.

We have other ideas we'll try as well. We would really like to hear your opinions on what would be interesting, what makes you cringe etc. It's a work-in-progress!

While it's not about Web Shop directly, we know that many of you are not happy with the purchasable content we have in game and we will also look into that.

In fact, I prepared a feedback form where you can enter your thoughts. I will read every comment. You can find it here.


Steam and Asia

I know many of you are interested in this one and unfortunately there was a bit of confusion recently. Let me extinguish rumors:

Wiple Games will be publishing Ironsight in Asia. The Steam page they announced was regarding that. Details about how accounts will be handled will be announced.

And now... we have our own Steam page for NA, SA and Europe. While we don't have a date to announce yet, we will soon let you know more in that regard.



Competitive Scene and Tournaments

I want to apologize for the lack of communication in this. As mentioned, May was a bit crazy. We will have some news soon on how we will support tournaments. But in essence, it's the same as what I said last time: We look for active organizers. So don't wait for us. Start organizing! This way, when we actually make announcements, you'll have things to show us.

Partner Program

It's a bit early but I wanted to mention it. We will have some changes here. We'd like to revisit the partner program to have more structure and more opportunities for our partners that create quality content, including revenue share options.

Next on Ironsight

I'd like to tease a couple things that Wiple shared with us.


Those bullet symbols look curious. I wonder what they are?


Oops, I think I cropped the screenshot in a wiiiild, I mean weird, way.


I'm really not good at snipping screens. I guess this one remains a mystery.


Well, that's all from me. Thank you again for your support. We've finally seen some major changes and even better days are yet to come.

Take care and see you next time!

Sincerely yours,