Bounty Hunt Weekend: Rewards Deployed!


Great job! All my contracts were solved, all targets taken down. The Bounty Hunt was a complete success. I'm sure my employers will want to do this again in the future...


So, to quickly recap what everyone gets for the bounties they brought in, here's the rewards again. Just so no one can say they're not getting what they deserve.

  • ​1 Kill: 5000 GP
  • 10 Kills: 10000 GP
  • 50 Kills: 10 CHIPS + 1x Angry Monkey Box
  • 100 Kills: 5000 GP + 1x Angry Monkey Box
  • 250 Kills: 3x Angry Monkey Box

Without surprises, you were able to break the first milestone without a sweat, and this is why 13,679 mercenaries have earned 5000 GP with the first milestone.

The top tier milestone you were aiming for, well, that's another story! You know what they say: "No pain, no gain". Still, a staggering 2078 of you went the extra mile and brought in at least 250 kills!

Of course, we had to have a couple of mercs who really wanted to show off. Well, if you're in for the bragging rights, I'm certainly not one to deny you those! Here are the top 3 scorers during this first Bounty Hunt:

  • xSynthex: 1238 Kills
  • JuninGOD: 1231 Kills
  • Abnormalize: 1166 Kills

The bounty business is on the rise, so while I gather more contracts and agree on compensations, you keep practicing your aim!


Stay tuned for further bounties, Mercs.

We'll talk again in the future.

Note: If you have found any issue with the delivery of your rewards, please reach our team here.