Supplies Opening Category & Bounty Hunt


Ready for another crazy weekend?

We are opening a new category in the web shop, and extending our 4th of July celebrations over the weekend with another awesome in-game bounty event.

Curious about it? Keep reading, Merc.


Would you like to gear up your Lethal and Tactical supplies and be action-ready for the full month?

You can do it now with our new Supplies Category.

From 1 to 30 day versions, you will be able to gain access to your favorite supplies with large discounts and hit the Ironsight battlegrounds with a bang!

Our new category has everything you need to make your performance on the battleground as smooth as possible!

Now that you are ready for the challenges ahead, make use of your second amendment and collect the following 4th of July bounties:

  • 10 Kills: 5000 GP
  • 25 Kills: 10000 GP
  • 50 Kills: 10 Chips
  • 100 Kills: 20 Chips
  • Every 100 Kills until (including) 1000: +5 Chips (a total of 50 chips possible)


Only matches via normal matchmaking are counted towards the kills. (Excluded modes are: PvE Missions, Ranking matches, Custom matches, and Event matches).

There is no in-game visibility of the kill count. The kills will be taken from our database within the specified time frame.

From July 4th Thursday 6AM EDT to July 8th Monday 6AM EDT, complete the bounties and earn rewards!


Remember, Merc! Visit the Supplies Category now, and improve your tactical game with awesome gadjets and goodies.


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