Announcing the Winners of the Tournament


The Ironsight Gunslinger Tournament is over for now! Thank you all for playing, for watching the matches, for providing us with feedback. A very special thanks also to our awesome team of Moderators, without whose support we couldn't have done this! Our hearts go out to all of you!

Now, without further ado, here's what you all came for: THE WINNERS!

1st Place: ObscureGG

  • 1 Angry Monkey skin of choice
  • 40,000 GP
  • 200 CHIPs
  • Ironsight t-shirt
  • ​an additional surprise...

2nd Place: 6FingerJoe

  • 1 Angry Monkey skin of choice
  • 40,000 GP
  • 150 CHIPs
  • Ironsight t-shirt

3rd Place: Noobs of the Tournament

  • 1 Angry Monkey skin of choice
  • 40,000 GP
  • 100 CHIPs
  • ​Ironsight t-shirt

Other teams: TeamKontio, EchtHeftig, Flappers, Ara Team

Disqualification: Size Matters

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all of you!

Note: The in-game rewards have been sent to your Storages. If you haven't received yours, please contact a Community Manager on Discord. For the physical rewards, the players from the Top 3 teams have been contacted on Discord. If you haven't gotten a message, please also contact a Community Manager on Discord.

Now unto some unpleasant news. We’ve mentioned previously that we’d like to have a respectful competitive environment and our tournament code of conduct also reflected that. However, some players acted against this spirit and we had to take action.

Our final decision is to disqualify “Size Matters” since some members violated our Code of Conduct. For the members who adhered to our rules, we chose to still grant them participation rewards and t-shirts.
We do recognize the skills of all the players in “Size Matters” and we hope to see them in future tournaments, provided they follow our Code of Conduct.

In retrospect, we now realize we could have taken swifter action – both during and after the tournament. We'd like to apologize for any inconvenience our decision may have caused. This has been a learning experience for us and we'll strive to better handle similar situations in the future.

Moving on to the general feedback we've received.
Pre-tournament, we heard your comments about drones and banned them in the tournament.
Throughout the tournament, we also heard your comments about the size of the tournament (not large enough!), the elimination method (lack of pre-elimination), the winning conditions (3 games per round instead of 5 or 7) and many more. We will definitely take these into consideration for the future tournaments we organize.

We'd like to thank every player who applied, participated and watched.
There will be more tournaments, big and small, and please keep sharing your feedback.

Now go and enjoy your prizes while we cook up the next big thing for the competitive scene of Ironsight!

Talk to you soon!