HQ Report #8



It's time for another report. (I know, we were a bit late.)

The reason we've been silent is because we've been busy and things have been moving a lot. This report will be a quick update to catch up, so let's get to it.


Gamigo and Wiple Games Versions

I see the comments and the memes on reddit, forums etc. and I'll just say it: Mistakes were made. Unfortunately, our coordination with Wiple was off and to some of you it looked like the Korean version would grow, but ours wouldn't.

Let me assure you, it is not the case. In fact, we have just deployed the next patch in the internal servers and I can confirm you'll see features from the Korean version such as the Duel/1v1 Mode and the Ballistic Shield as a new weapon (teased in the previous HQR).


Tournaments and Competitive

With its ups and downs, we've conducted our first competition, the Gunslinger Tournament. I'd like to thank everyone who applied, who played, and also those who watched. I'd also like to thank our community team and mods for their diligent work. We've learned a lot from this tournament and we'll put this experience to good use in the next one! Once again, congratulations to the winners!

Speaking of winners, we'd also like to apologize. We faced some unexpected issues regarding the t-shirts, so the whole physical reward sending had to be delayed a lot. Since we want to send everything together, the surprise prizes for the winners are also delayed (they are waiting in the office storage patiently.) We are working on it!

Meanwhile, the competitive action is ongoing!

Ironsight Central have been holding a tournament! We were happy to see solid plans and action on Ironsight Central and have provided them some sideline support.

On our side, we are working on the next tournament. You'll hear more about it #soon.

In fact, I'd like to update you all on our current thoughts on competitive scene.

Ranked Mode: We are currently in touch with Wiple regarding this topic, especially since we are getting Duel mode as well. We'll keep you updated on that.

Community Tournaments: We will support these tournaments as we said before. Guidelines regarding this are in works. We had to shift our focus on other topics temporarily. We believe some of our future plans will be very interesting for both pro players but also tournament organizers.

Official Tournaments: We will hold tournaments in different regions, and on a regular basis. Some of them will be more serious tournaments, such as Gunslinger (optimized with your feedback), but some of them will be more "fun" based ones. At least at the beginning, we'd like to try certain rulesets for "serious" tournaments. For example, Gunslinger was a gun-only tournament, especially because of the community feedback. Another serious tournament might be (just making up) a 3v3 tournament with drones enabled, another a v4 where we set roles via weapon restrictions. Ultimately, I expect one or two rulesets to be the official tournament types. "Fun" tournaments might have crazier rules, such as everyone using the same, random weapon each turn. Nothing is set in stone though, I'd love to hear what you think on the general idea and what rules you'd like to include or exclude.


Pricing and Items

This is a topic you've been vocal about for a long time. At the moment, I can just say that changes are coming. We are still finalizing them, but you will hear about it soon and we believe you'll enjoy the changes.



I hope this quick catch up was meaningful. As mentioned, the release date is getting close and next HQ Report will include a lot more information!


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