Community Highlights Vol.25


The new edition of the Community Highlights is here! Like always we have some great reflexes, some tactical approaches and some not very tactical developments all alike. Enjoy!


Twitch Clips




Du, du, du, du another one bites the dust! (Apow2K)



curs_ wants the victory all for himself



Is it reflex, or just luck? You tell us! zumlustigenschnitzlwirt.


Just look at that flow. Beautiful. zumlustigenschnitzlwirt.


Apow with a flawless penta!, (Apow2K)



Looks simple when FPSDerd does it. But it's not.



Now that's reflex! (epixLarious)






We need some water down here because Kray is on FIRE!



GODAZAEL is like a one man army



Mali Reborn is DOMINATING the field out there!




Have you ever seen a quick scope? Well here's the quickest scope. (Mali Reborn)




You ever tried TAR-21? You might want to, after this video (Skibbehify)




Penta 101: The Art of Killing by epixLarious




nopproblem is once again showing us his skills!



Look at this glorious moshpit! Everything's everywhere! (rEd)



Seen on Discord

Here's a great creation from zCf


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