Content Update: Tower


Sometimes, in order to decide on something crucial, we tend to use methods such as heads or tails, or rock-paper-scissors. But that's old news! We have a brand new DUEL MODE now. A mode where you can decide on who is the best player for good.

We are excited to announce the latest Ironsight Content Update: Tower! It features a new Mode, a new Map, map improvements, new bullet types and much more!


If you have issues patching the content update, please uninstall and reinstall the game from our website. If reinstalling didn't work, please contact our Customer Support. For questions and discussions, feel free to visit our Discord server.


If you want to share your feedback, please post in the forum here.

Should you find any bug, please report it in this form.


New Map: Tower


The CEO of Redbrick Constructions secretly invited VIPs from around the world to an under construction skyscraper in South Africa. He was dissatisfied with the NAF's taxation policy and decided to take action. He attempted to take action by forming a consortium to support EDEN and oppose the NAF. The usual suspects took notice and sent in their PMCs.



- Includes Emblem and Title
- Modes: TDM, SnD, Sniper Match, Melee, FFA
- In the center of the map a round platform is located that can be activated to rotate and change the layout of the map.

New Mode: Duel

Deadly 1v1 ranked matches where only the best of the best will survive. This mode has an exclusive map designed for the perfect duel. The mode and map are NOT available in Custom Matches!

There is a dedicated leaderboard for this mode. Drones are not available for this specific Ranking Mode.



It's the spooky time of the year and this means: Pumpkins are back in business. Sometimes you will see them flying around, but beware that they don't explode next to you!

Pick up the Pumpkin Firefly and receive some rewards!

Operation: Cut-Throat I: Use Firefly 10 times.

Reward: 1 Collection Box

Operation: Cut-Throat I: Use Firefly 20 times.

Reward: 1 Collection Box

Operation: Cut-Throat I: Use Firefly 30 times.

Reward: 1 Collection Box

Additionally, there will be some Rare and Special Halloween Items! You can find more information about them further below.


New Primary Weapon: Ballistic Shield

This new primary weapon will belong to it's own new category: Shield. It has a Desert Eagle as main weapon and it has the ability to block any incoming damage from the front. You can as well bash enemies in close combat.

New Bullet Types

EMP Bullets: Does extra damages to Drone & Sentinels.


Magnum Bullets: Headshots with these bullets will deal extra damage.

New Special Weapon and Attachment Skin: Diagonal

A new Special Skin has been rolled out for all primary, secondary weapons and attachments (except silencer and tuning attachments).

In-game Shop Update

All previous Supply Boxes and Packages that are not mentioned in the Patch Notes have been removed from the shop!

There's a brand new Collection Box waiting for you to open it. Go to the in-game shop to check it's contents!


Collection Box


Item Chance
Special Primary Weapon (Used to unlock EPIC Weapon) 1%
Special Primary Weapon (Used to unlock RARE Weapon) 2%
Special Attachment 3%
Advanced Primary Weapon 15%
Advanced Attachment 8%
Advanced Secondary Weapon 4%
Advanced Customizable Parts/Charm 22%
Uncommon Primary Weapon 15%
Uncommon Charm/Attachment 11%
Uncommon Secondary Weapon 8%
GP/EXP Booster 7 Day(s) 12














Superior Supply Box and Supply Box have also been revamped while the older boxes were removed.


Superior Supply Box


Item Chance
Special Primary Weapon 0.3%
Special Attachment 0.7%
Advanced Primary Weapon 2.0%
Advanced Secondary/Attachment 2.0%
Advanced Customizable Parts/Charm 5.0%
Uncommon Primary Weapon 6.0%
Uncommon Charm/Attachment 8.0%
Uncommon Secondary Weapon 7.0%
Charm Slot Ticket 1%
Tactical/Lethal/Bullet 7 Days 17.5%
Common Primary Weapon 5.0%
Common Secondary Weapon 3.5%
Common Customizable Parts 12.0%
Tactical/Lethal/Bullet 1 Day 30%















Supply Box


Item Chance
Diagonal Primary Weapon/Secondary Weapon/Attachment 1%
Uncommon Primary Weapon 2%
Uncommon Attachment 5%
Common Primary Weapon 9%
Common Secondary Weapon 4%
Tactical/Lethal/Bullet 7 Days 15%
Charm Slot Ticket 0.5%
Common Customizable Parts 18.5%
Tactical/Lethal/Bullet 1 Day 45%






New Halloween Packs are now available:

Halloween Phantom Package (4999 AP)

  • Phantom AK-47
  • Phantom P90 TR
  • Phantom Blaser R93
  • Phantom MK46
  • Zombie (Charm)
  • Crazy Halloween (Dog Tag Title)
  • Jack-O'-Lantern (Dog Tag Emblem)
  • Phantom Sentinel Helmet

Halloween Ghost Package (1999AP)

  • Ghost AK-47
  • Ghost P90 TR
  • Ghost Blaser R93
  • Ghost MK46
  • Ghost (Charm)
  • Ember Pumpkin Head (7 Days)

Functional Items have been repriced to the following new values and a new functional item is available:

  • Personal K/D Reset: 499 AP
  • Personal Battle Record Reset: 799 AP
  • NEW: Personal Record Reset: 999 AP
  • Change Call Sign: 999 AP
  • Change Clan Mark: 299 AP
  • Change Clan Name: 1499 AP
  • 30% GP Boost (1 Day): 49 AP
  • 30% EXP Boost (1 Day): 49 AP
  • 30% GP Boost (7 Days): 249 AP
  • 30% EXP Boost (7 Days): 249 AP
  • 30% GP Boost (30 Days): 699 AP
  • 30% EXP Boost (30 Days): 699 AP



With this patch, some weapons and general features have been tweaked.

You can find below the new modifications:

Abdominal multiplier reduced from 1 to 0.9


  • Headshot multiplier increased from 1.4 to 1.6


  • Headshot multiplier increased from 1.5 to 1.62


  • Minimum Range increased from 1800 to 2000


  • Headshot multiplier increased from 1.5. to 1.6


  • Headshot multiplier increased from 1.5. to 1.6


  • Headshot multiplier increased from 1.5. to 1.6


  • Headshot multiplier increased from 1.5. to 1.55

Assault Rifles (0-30 damage)

  • Recoil compensation increased when aiming from 1 to 0.9


  • Recoil compensation increased when aiming from 0.86 to 0.84

Assault Rifles (30+ damage)

  • Recoil compensation increased when aiming from 1 to 0.94

Sub Machine Guns

  • Recoil compensation increased when aiming from 1 to 0.96

Light Machine Guns

  • Recoil compensation increased when aiming from 1 to 0.95

Assault Rifles

  • Minimum impact increased from 55 to 60

Assault Rifles

  • Maximum impact force increased from 80-85 to 95-100


  • Aiming speed decreased by 17% and sway increased by 20%

Blaser R93

  • Aiming speed decreased by 20% and sway increased by 25%

Viper Scope

  • Sway increased by 90%

Improvements, Changes & Bug Fixes


  • The Downtown map is now polished and reworked for you to look and marvel at.


Chat Option Added

  • There is now a 'Chat Options' button at the bottom right corner of the in-game chat window. You can turn off each chat tab in chat options. By default all chat options are turned off.

UI Changes

  • Lobby camera has changed and light changes have been made.
  • Interpolation when switching cameras has been removed.
  • Loading splash image appearing at game start has been replaced with new banners.

Win/Lose Ceremony Changes

  • Match win/defeat screens have been improved.

Mode Changes

  • Several Options and Cameras have been added for Spectator Mode, such as X-Ray, Static Cameras and more.
  • Sniper and Melee Matches are now removed with the Event section. They are still available in Custom Matches.
  • The regular Ranked Mode is now disabled and can't be accessed.

Loadout Changes

  • There are new default setups for loadouts:
  • Bullet type were removed for all loadouts
  • Loadout 2: Quickshot Sight was replaced by Holographic Sight and TAC OPS was replaced by EMP Launcher (7 Days).
  • Loadout 3: Blaser R93 (7 Days) has been replaced to DSR-1 (7 Days) and Scout Scope has been added.
  • Tactical Drone Loadout: Stalker has been replaced with the Spy Drone and UAV Recon has been replaced with the Jammer Drone.
  • Drones are now based on a leveling system. You will need to be a specific level to use certain drones.


  • Netcode has been improved for a more stable gameplay experience
  • The server has been further stabilized through memory riggs, network engine improvements, crash improvements, and more.
  • Game Server performance generally improved 
  • The CPU usage of the game server is now optimized and reduced.
  • The Screenshot Key has been changed from F10 to Print Screen Key.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when the minimap on Dam showed 3 instead of 2 moving platforms.
  • Fixed a bug when the first reload with ARs or SMGs didn't show the magazine change.
  • Fixed a bug causing Clan Leaders to be assigned to pending Clan member invites.
  • Fixed a glitch that caused users to be stuck in a jump animation.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Old Man Laser Sight appear as upside-down.
  • Fixed an issue with the drone Zeus, that zoomed out too far out of the map, when it expired.
  • Fixed an issue where the expiration date is being wrongly displayed on a box.
  • Fixed an issue causing the semi auto reload of Sniper Rifles to appear as not automatic.
  • Fixed an issue where a gifted item was not properly delivered.
  • Fixed a bug, when sprinting while holding the Sprint Key wouldn't allow you to shoot out of the sprint.
  • Fixed several translation issues.

Known Issues

  • Some languages have a wrong description displayed for the Ballistic Shield.
  • The sound of the first shot from the Desert Eagle (Ballistic Shield) can sometimes not be heard by the user.
  • When you finished a Duel Ranking Match, it will be visible in the Custom Match settings, but you will not be able to start it.
  • Spectating on the Tower map makes it possible to reach unintended areas.
  • "Open Beta Phase" Watermark has been removed.