HQ Report #9



Cracks fingers,

Cracks neck,

Stretches paws & claws,

Releases a massive yawn.


Oh, you're there. Are you looking for the_Director?



Well... How do I say this? Something happened... I didn't want to announce it to you like this but well...

He's off on new adventures!

He's still part of the big gamigo family but he's joined a new team, leaving Ironsight to... MOI !


So, let's have a short introduction for those of you that might not know me.

Who am I?

You might know me as "Flloyd", or "the_Flloyd" at the moment on our Discord.

I've been working at Aeria Games for (#soon) 3 years, with 2 of those years specifically on Ironsight. I first started as a Community Manager for - you guessed it - Ironsight, with a focus on the French territory, along with Chopper (Traitor) & Splashy (<3). So yes, I am a Baguette ! (Et je dis "Pain au Chocolat" et pas "Chocolatine")


Last year, the_Director joined the team, and I became his trusted assistant. Since then, I learned a lot while re-discovering this beloved game with a new perspective.

And now, well, I'm in charge of Ironsight on the Aeria Games side, meaning being constantly in touch with our contact at Wiple Games, and coordinating our efforts to bring the best to Ironsight, and to YOU, our players.


I'm not alone though, I have a great team to assist me, some of them you already know:

  • Splashy - He's our (my) Swiss-army-knife. Just like me, he's been working on Ironsight since the beginning. His help and knowledge are extremely valuable to me.
  • FireWarrior - He joined the team some time ago now, he was first working in the shadows. Now, he's fully working on Ironsight. Be nice to him, he's doing an incredible job for us.
  • Selene & FullMetal - The last additions to our team of Community Managers. They've been both working in Aeria Games for a while and are quite experienced. Let's give them a massive welcome.


What else about me? Well, we ain't here to talk about me.

So, without further ado, let's jump into what matters here: Ironsight and its future.


gamigo/4game/Wiple Games versions

I will start with this topic. You've been **very** vocal about it and we understand why.

As the_Director mentioned in HQ Report #8:

"Mistakes were made. Unfortunately, our coordination with Wiple was off and to some of you it looked like the Korean version would grow, but ours wouldn't."


What the_Director said still stands: our version will grow as well, and we are working with Wiple Games to reduce those differences between versions.


However, you must understand it is also normal to see some content on one version before the others. Why? It's rather simple, we might all be publishing the same game, but we might not have the same plans, or Roadmap, as you wish. All of this resulting in different versions of the same game, but with content differences from one to another.

Now, even with that said, I can already hear/read some of you saying: “But this doesn’t justify such differences”. And guess what? You are (partially) right! We'll do our best to avoid having such differences in the future, but as I said, remember, this is sort-of normal, especially when the game is being published by different companies.


Now, with this in mind, let's move on the next topic!


Content Update(s)

Depending on when you read this, you might have already seen some teases about our next Content patch. If that’s not the case, rest assured, I'll tease some more!


This Content Update is closer than you think and should be brought to you by the end of October. (Oh wow, he gives an ETA?!? W T Flloyd???)

A very important point about this update: it will be the last one for the Ironsight Open Beta. The next one will be the Steam Update which will mark the official release of Ironsight after almost 2 years of Open Beta!

Yes, Mercenaries! At long last, Ironsight will be available on Steam. Of course, I won't share too many details yet, meaning I'll share none (XD). But rest assured, we are so excited about this that it'll be impossible for us not to tease you as soon as we can!

So, stay tuned, more Iron-Steam-News to come in the following weeks!


Now, coming back to the Content Update I mentioned. What is this gonna be about? Let's take a quick look.


Well, it's kind of hard to hype you here, especially since you've probably seen this in the various versions of our friends in Asia and Russia and it was already partially teased in previous HQ Reports.


Nevertheless, let me share some of it with you:


  • New Map: Tower - This one's sky-high so I hope you don't have a fear of heights!




  • New Primary Weapon: Ballistic Shield - You've seen it in the other versions; what do you think? We're looking forward to seeing you Mercenaries inventing new metas around this weapon.




  • New Competitive Mode: Duel - The ultimate skill-test, challenge other mercenaries and/or your friend in this intense 1v1 mode. It has its own leaderboard and will have a season system.




  • New Ammo-type: EMP & Magnum - One is powerful against Drones & Sentinel, the other one inflicts extra headshot damages. Can you guess which does what?

    magnum.png emp.png



  • Spooky Stuff: Yes, we do get a Halloween event and even some new Halloween-themed items! We know, it's rather late in October to get such scary things. But you know what? Halloween is such a cool period, that Ironsight decided the festivities will continue into November. ;)

    p90_halloween_sp_2.png pumpkin_leanturn_2.png



  • Bug Fixes!
  • Like you had to ask! Of course we'll get some new skins!


Now, let's release some "Steam"! Ahah.


Steam Release

For some reason, (lol) it seems this topic is rather important for you Mercenaries.


Well, as surprising as it may sound, it's also important for us! So important that, well, we prefer to take our time. Steam will bring lots of new users to the game, and for this reason, we want to be sure the game is ready and that those new Mercenaries enjoy a smooth gaming experience from day one.


We are almost good to go, but (you saw this one coming), there are still many wrinkles yet to be ironed out (pun intended), and this takes time.


Please read carefully: We hope to release Ironsight on Steam this year, however, we don't have a strict ETA as of yet.

Why, do you ask, don't you have a strict ETA? For the simple reason that I can't - sadly - predict the future and delays and other technical issues may arise.

C'est la vie, you know.


I (we) will do my (our) best to keep you posted.


"After" Steam

Operating on Steam is nice, true. But the next question becomes: "What's to come of Ironsight after that?"

Well, first of all, the Steam release is not merely about opening the "Steam Gates". We will also have a Content Update, marking the end of the Open Beta.

We will share more details in the future regarding the content of this "Steam Update", but, since you've been so attentive and kept reading, I'll share some news about "Ironsight's post-Steam release" future:

  • New Map(s)
  • Weapon Balancing(s)
  • Customizable Female Character
  • New Skin(s)
  • New Mode(s)
  • New Battle Pass



  • There is no ETA. What I mentioned above is part of the Ironsight Roadmap at the moment, however, it is subject to change. Again, we'll share more info as soon as we can.
  • The list's order is not a reflection of any timeline.
  • There is no ETA.
  • It is subject to change.


Competitive Scene

Another sensitive topic! (I love them!)


Let me start this section with some apologies. The Gunslinger Tournament still has not yet been rewarded. We encountered some issues with the T-shirts for the big winners (already mentioned in HQ Report #8) which resulted in a delay with the overall delivery.

However, this issue will soon be taken care of and we should be able to send the prizes in the following days/weeks. You might have an early Xmas in November *wink wink*.


Now, with that said, what do I have to say about Competitive? A few things but no major news.


The Ironsight Central International PUG Season 2 is running until 31st October. Join their Discord to know more: discord.io/ironsightcentral


It will be followed by our 2nd In-House Tournament in November. More details to be shared about this later on.


We still plan to host regular tournaments on our own, some of them might be "pure" competition, such as the Gunslinger Tournament, but some of them might be more "fun-based" or simply different. We also want to support more of the community organized tournaments.


You'll hear more about this.


Partner Program

As you might know, recruitment is currently closed for our Partner Program. Besides, some of our current partners are not very active, but we can't blame them. We didn't allocate a lot of time to taking care of them and also, our version was not getting many "crusty" updates, so not much to share with the partners.


Nevertheless, we have plans for this Program. We are working on bringing you a totally revamped Partner Program. We want to offer more to partners in general while encouraging content creation in a new way and help them grow their channels and skills!


But (you saw this one as well coming, right?) we need time to set up every process and tool needed, all of which will ensure a smooth Program, beneficial to both sides.


You should hear more about this topic once Ironsight is released on Steam.


Stay tuned!



I think I'll wrap it up now. I kind of overshared and I think you had enough bad jokes in one read (I mean, for me they are great).


We'll keep having regular HQ Reports, I'll do my best, with the team, to inform you regularly about the most important topics.


I hope you are ready for a hell of a ride because I am.


If you'd like to make that ride a little bit easier for you (in the game, of course), here's a little gift from me that I hope you'll enjoy.

Use the secret CODE hidden in this: IT3ISRO4ANRTSAIGPHTV3R (Yes, you have to think a little bit ;) )


See you on the battlefield, Mercenaries.


Flloyd Out.

A plus sous le bus.