Community Highlights Vol.26


Welcome to this week's community highlights! This week, we're having some sweet penta kills, some quick scopes and one helluva good time!


Twitch Clips




Just... one.. more.. kill *shots dead by TrueDevil*



Our mod SpaceKitty is shaking the battlefield with some sweet moves



epixLarious using the field as a shooting range with that fresh haircut!


"I'm just gonna camp here and wait for- YEET" (TheOnlyBk)


Now this may easily be the highlight of the month. (TheOnlyBk)







This is poetry. Poetry i tell you! (Mali Reborn)



This is one of the most satisfying things you can watch this week (HotShotZ)



Konno and Offend - FUUUUSION!




Don't hate him, try to be like him! (Mali Reborn)




♪♫♬ Watching the room spinnin' around you, around you ♪♫♬ (Kray)




Hardest thing is to find teammates you can count on. (Ultramarine Plays)




Just try and stop Kray, if you can.



♪♫♬ We appreciate power, we appreciate power ♪♫♬ (Rayzofps)




Sniper shots from point blank range? Yeah we got them so what?




You really don't want to mess with Benjaminfreak




Kray is something else, really.




Yogz is always ready with a trigger-finger.


Screenshots & FanArts



Remember zCf's weapon design from last time? He tweaked it a little.


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Until next time,

Your Ironsight Community Team