Community Highlights Vol.27


This week in our community highlights, we have some beautiful frags and some casual mistakes here and there. Enjoy!


Twitch Clips




Ehh you know, it's TrueDeviL on a target practice again.



V1N is the ultimate sniper of this week!



You know what they say, third time's the charm! [SeeFour]





HiDd3x is using that DSR like it's a stapler. NAILED IT.



Mali Reborn is overpowered, we know.



You heard it right, 83 kills in a match! [Mali Reborn]



Git gud. [lotusdark]




nopproblem is at it again, just try and stop this guy!




Recoil? What is that? [starship303]




HotShotZ is singing songs with that M4 of his.



Mali Reborn is being such a sweetheart playing with fans.




Do you know what happens when you crank that sensitivity up juust a little bit? [Mali Reborn]




nopproblem is using a whole arsenal to own his enemies!




Perfect Quadra kills by HotShotZ




Screenshots & FanArts



Dorn41 from the official Ironsight Discord with some sweet weapon designs!



pis from the official Ironsight Discord is a lover of pizza and this design tells!


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