The Black Market is back


it's getting cold. A brand new winter season is coming and you need to be prepared for what's to come. It's time to renew your equipment. Luckily my Black Market has new offers for you to benefit. Check them out!


As some of you remember me, I am that one guy that likes to get some stuff from the HQ (basically for free). Their security is a real joke, almost not worth the effort.


This time, the offers will start on the 29th of November and will last until the 2nd of December (from 2PM to 2PM CET, 5 AM to 5 AM PT)!


As you might expect, I got some nice deals again, but sadly, the quantity is limited.

And this time I was able to receive something brand new from the Research department. It is basically a crate containing different kinds of skins where you can choose the weapon type. I'll give you a test drive on a discount, to see how they work.

On the other hand, the lost Boxes, such as Angry Monkey, Fire Monkey and others, reappeared on the surface. I will provide them to you in some bundles, so you can stock up on them.

Something else that I couldn't resist smuggle out, were the Red Weapons. Not sure why they were locked away. I find them very cool.

For the mercs of you that like to complete your collections, there are 2 bundles I put together for the Black Mamba M39 EMR and Old Man AK-47 Special Skins. Hope you can make good use of them!


I already talked too much. My offers are basically selling themselves. Just go here and you will see all the greatness for yourselves.

If there is nothing in your interest this time, don't worry. I might be back for some extras in the future.


Until then, will see you next time.