Community Highlights Vol.27



Welcome to your new Community Highlights. We got lots of knife action and gallons of blood spilled this week. Send your highlights for a chance to be featured here, and maybe even on our social media pages!


Twitch Clips




v1nfps is just so calm while getting those kills!



Sometimes, you just have to accept your fate. [TillPayne]





IISh4D3II is literally unstoppable.



Ultramarine is back with another banger!



HotShotZ has a brand new series of kills.



TrueDeviL is conquering the Tower once again!




Roesfer is both hilarious and deadly at using knives!




Any weapon. You name it, nopproblem will master it.




Who needs attachments when you got them skillz! [Skibbehify]



Mali Reborn is the master of knives and MP7's




Mmmh the sweet scent of gunpowder. [ZuTtiX]



Screenshots & FanArts

Here's a sinister DSR design from LeBandit




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Until next time,

Your Ironsight Community Team