Content Update: Recovery


Winter has come and the festive season of Christmas is upon us. To celebrate, we're excited to announce the latest Ironsight Content Update: Recovery! It features a brand new Iron Pass, a new Mode, two new Maps, a new Weapon Type, a new Drone and much more!


We are excited to announce the latest Ironsight Content Update: Recovery! It features a brand new Iron Pass, a new Mode, two new Maps, a new Weapon Type, a new Drone and much more!


As there are changes made on the launcher, the launcher will restart after you after you log in the first time after the patch. Therefore you are asked to login again afterwards.

If you have issues patching the content update, please uninstall and reinstall the game from our website. If reinstalling didn't work, please contact our Customer Support. For questions and discussions, feel free to visit our Discord server.


If you want to share your feedback, please post in the forum here.

Should you find any bug, please report it in this form.



With this second installment of our battle pass, you can fight your way through a tier list and obtain great rewards. You can also double up the rewards and get some premium content with the Premium Pass. You will be able to gain:

Title and Emblem











Predator MG3 free exclusive skin



3 Premium exclusive skins: Predator SCAR-H, Predator PP-2000, R-Predator DSR-1








Knowing, that EDEN had secretly supplied weapons to anti-NAF forces, NAF plans to infiltrate EDEN's home territory: Russia. They set their eye on this nation's pride: a railway facility. Controlling this location will directly cut off EDEN's transportation lines. But most of all, a direct hit in the middle of enemy territory will surely instill fear within the EDEN coalition.





  •  Watch out for the trains in the middle. They might crush you to your greatest demise!
  •  Modes: FFA (Custom Match only), TDM, SP, RT, CTF (exclusive mode), SnD
  •  Use the elevator to ambush your enemies!



A hideout with an illegal energy generation facility established by a local warlord. NAF took control over the place after it was ravaged by the Tsunami. Shortly after, it was turned into one of the first Trinitium refinement facilities in South America. EDEN, who is now influencing the surrounding areas, wants this very valuable asset for their own production. As the area is in the wilderness, NAF and EDEN decided to send the local PMC to do their dirty work for them.



  •  Use the cable lift across the map to get a strategic advantage against your enemies.
  •  Modes: FFA (Custom Match only), TDM, SP, RT, SnD
  •  Hide in the shadows to your advantage by using the jungle as camouflage.




The new mode "Capture the Flag" is map exclusive to the new Station Map. The goal is to capture the opponent's flag and carry it to your allied base. But beware! You will need to make sure that your own flag does not get stolen in the meantime, as you will only be able to score a point if your own flag is in your base!

The team who captures 3 flags first wins. Should no team score the 3 points necessary in 10 minutes, then the team with the most captured flags wins!



A Japanese military firearm. It has low initial recoil. Ideal for mid-range engagements.





  • Requires 1000 Drone Points to deploy
  • Deployable drone (can be redeployed)
  • Destroys all lethal or tactical weapons flying by within a 15m radius
  • Does not damage enemy drones or enemy mercenaries




  • Complete 11 Steps with the Extra Supplies to obtain R-Casino and Casino Jackhammer.
  • You can find the Extra Supplies Tab next to the "Daily Login" Tab in the bottom right corner.
  • You will receive a notification once you completed an achievement and can receive the item from the tab.
  • You will need to complete all steps to receive the R-Casino Jackhammer.




We have added new options for you to use when creating custom matches as well as changed the layout design to find matches easier:

Basic Settings


  • Team selection or spectator (Select if you want to play with your team or spectate a match)
  • Condition to enter the room can be configured (Friends only, Invite only, Everyone)


Detailed Settings


  • Set time and rounds for Modes (or per Round)
  • Battle point acquisition scale settings
  • Respawn delay time setting (Fixed respawn time)
  • Respawn delay time setting (Respawn time decreases the more often you die)
  • Respawn Points (Randomized or Fixed)
  • Respawn Invincible duration Setting (Set for how players can't be damaged after respawn)
  • Limit drone usage (Limit the drones that can be used in a match: All, Tactical only, Offensive only, None)
  • Drone point reset when killed (determines how many drone points get removed after being killed)
  • Set Headshot Kill Multiplier (Set the multiplier for headshot damage)
  • Highlight (Yes / No)
  • Friendly fire (Enable/Disable)
  • Max health setting (Customize how much HP every user should have)
  • Health recovery speed setting (Customize the HP regeneration rate)
  • Allow only headshot damage (Only Headshots deal damage, good to practice your aim)
  • Restrict skill use (Restrict if Skills are enabled or disabled)
  • Restriction of Weapon type by class (Shield will be included later)

Please read the "Known Issues" section for further information about Weapon Restriction settings.




Brand new skins for you to customize your weapons with!

You can get the new Holiday skins from the new special Holiday Box:



We also have the Red Diagonal skins for mercenaries that are looking for a more sinister touch:



You can also obtain new skins for our new weapon Type 89 Assault Rifle:



To match with the new Station map, we have new Snow skins for your favorite gun attachments and secondary weapons:



And don't forget about the new charms:



Here is the full list of all newly available items (some of the items are exclusive to certain Packages, Iron Pass Operation or Supply Boxes):

  • Holiday K2C
  • Holiday DSR-1
  • Holiday P90 TR
  • Luxury Old Man AK-47
  • Holiday Glow on Sight
  • Holiday Variant Scope
  • Holiday ACOG
  • Holiday Old Man Laser Sight
  • Turquois DSR-1
  • Turquois M4 ACC-M
  • Turquois Detecting Sight
  • Turquois Variant Scope
  • R-Casino Jackhammer
  • Casino Jackhammer
  • Holiday Ballistic Shield
  • Holiday Bowie Knife
  • Holiday Tactical Axe
  • R-Predator DSR-1
  • Predator PP-2000
  • Predator SCAR-H
  • Predator MG3
  • Kawaii Killer Type 89
  • Red Sun Type 89
  • Casino Jackhammer
  • Red Diagonal (All Primary and Secondary Weapons)
  • Snowman (Charm)
  • Snow Globe (Charm)
  • Snow (New Secondary Weapons & Attachements)
  • Cobalt AK-47
  • Cobalt P90 TR
  • Cobalt DSR-1
  • Cobalt Ultimax 100




Holiday Box

Including the new Snow and Holiday skins you see above



Special Knife Box

A Box that contains all Community Knifes!

Same probability (10% for each of them)

Only available in Special Starter Package

Special Weapon Box

A Box that contains all Special Weapons

Same Probability for all of them!

Only available in Special Starter Package

New Packages!


  • Freemium Package (FREE)
  • Kawaii TYPE 89 Package (2399 AP)
  • Red Sun TYPE 89 Package (2399 AP)
  • AR Exclusive Package (9999 AP)
  • SR Exclusive Package (9999 AP)
  • Gold Package (4999 AP)
  • Silver Package (1599 AP)
  • Starter Package (399 AP)
  • AR Starter Package (899 AP)
  • SR Starter Package (899 AP)
  • SMG Starter Package (899 AP)
  • SR Starter Package (899 AP)
  • Special Starter Package (799 AP)



  • It is no longer possible to use emotes in Search and Destroy mode
  • Maximum party member size reduced from 6 to 3
  • Fixed a bug which caused the observer drone to get stuck in the ground when used on prone
  • Some notification banner UI improvements (in-game)
  • The general performance of the game improved
  • Fixed a bug which caused players to get stuck in some parts of the maps as well as unreachable places
  • Fixed a bug where 3D view of the Black Turtle Shoulder Pad custom part not showing when switching weapons
  • Fixed a bug when a drone gets a kill, it sometimes displayed "Drone destroyed"
  • Fixed a bug which caused the melee attacks to not register properly sometimes
  • Invisible user information on kill feed is fixed
  • Fixed a technical issue caused by moving the game when in windowed mode
  • UI is improved when using a package in the library
  • Duel Mode can not be activated anymore in Custom Matches
  • Spectator Restriction on Tower applied (no more travels to the horizon)
  • Currently both the Duel and the "normal" Ranking Season are available! These are currently considered Off-Season, as we will not count them as a real ranking.
  • Change on Level Up rewards at the beginning! New different rewards are added for Level Up on Level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 and 15




  • Rate of Fire Decreased by 4 (69 to 65)
  • Recoil Decreased by 2 (62 to 60)



  • Rate of Fire Decreased by 3 (49 to 46)
  • Recoil Decreased by 6 (73 to 67)


AN 94

  • Recoil decreased by 3 (90 to 87)
  • Damage decreased by 2 (28 to 26)
  • Rate of Fire decreased by 10 (62 to 52)


M320 GLM

  • Projectile collision damage has been reduced.


Ballistic Shield

  • Ballistic Shield's secondary weapon changed from Desert Eagle to TAC-OPS.
  • Aiming slowed down.
  • Bash damage increased.


Semi-auto weapons

  • Adjustments to the Recoil for semi-automatic weapons applied



  • There is an issue with the highlights not showing properly when finishing a Capture the Flag mode
  • Snowflakes can still be seen inside closed buildings.
  • Custom Match restrictions will provide default weapons (Training M4 and TAC-OPS) when a restricted weapon is equipped.
  • Drones that can be deployed will not get destroyed by trains on the Station map, but will not be active while inside the train.