New Feature: Server Boosts


We're happy to present to you a new feature that we've been working on: Server Boosts! Yes, the days of giving out EXP and GP Boosts to you all individually via gifts are finally over. From now on, we can simply activate the boost at any time, and everyone playing Ironsight will get it.


And what better time to get hyped about new features than now! We have another, even bigger announcement to make, one that you and we have been waiting for eagerly: Ironsight is coming to Steam!

Yes, starting on December 18, you'll be able to access Ironsight from your favourite gaming platform. But that's not even all there is! In addition, there will be a huge update called "Recovery" that will bring you tons of new content to explore and enjoy.

Read our initial announcement right here! More information will follow soon.


So, to celebrate this milestone for Ironsight, you can all enjoy a 100% boost to GP and EXP from today (we've already started it tonight) until Wednesday, January 8 2020, at 1am CET (Tuesday, January 7, 7pm EST and 4pm PST). The boost will be active on all servers.

That's it for now. Play Ironsight and get yourselves ready for the big day!

Stay tuned for more!