Ironsight Central International Tournament

Mercenaries, we're once again partnering with Ironsight Central to bring you an International Tournament.
The tournament will take place between May 24 and 31, 2020 and features both in-game prizes and a cash prize from Ironsight Central. Registration ends on May 23, 12:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM CEST.
Everyone can take part in this tournament with their team. Each team consists of 5 players and can register a substitute.
More information about the tournament can be found on the Ironsight Central Discord.





• Search And Destroy 

• 9 Rounds 

• Max 10 Players 

• Drone Restriction: All

Attachment Restrictions 

• No hair trigger 

• No detecting sight

Gun Restrictions 

• No crossbow 

• No EMP Launcher/ EMP Grenade Launcher


• Neil Wild only (all cosmetics applicable to Neil Wild allowed)

Nade Restrictions 

• Lethal: No explosive Knife, claymore, spring mine, remote bomb, sticky grenade 

• Tactical: No tear gas, shock grenade


• 1 sniper per team 

• 1 sub machine gun per team 

• 2 players with molotovs equipped per team 

• Boosting is banned 

Match Setup 

Map Pool 

•  Titan 

•  Mart 

•  Island 

•  Airport 

• Discovery 

• Cloud9 


Pick/Ban Phase 

Team 1 is the higher seeded team 


• Team 1 bans map 

• Team 2 bans map 

• Team 1 picks map, team 2 picks side 

• Team 2 picks map, team 1 picks side 

• Team 1 bans map 

• Remaining map is played, team 2 picks side and region (if applicable) 


• Team 1 bans map 

• Team 2 bans map 

• Team 1 bans map 

• Team 2 bans map 

•  Team 1 bans map 

•  Team 2 picks side and region (if applicable) 



Opposite regions (SA vs EU) - NA 

Adjacent regions (EU vs NA or NA vs SA) 

Bo3: Team 2's region first, Team 1's region 2nd, Team 2 picks region 

Bo1: Team 2's preferred region 


Mix teams will play NA if there are any opposite regions with any players 



Team 1's captain will host unless there is an admin/mod present on either team in which case they will host. If a host starts the game before everyone is readied game is to be restart. 


All semi-finals and grand-finals will be hosted by an admin on neither team. 



Spectating by anyone except for the designated casters and admins is not allowed (substitute players are not allowed to spectate either). You will be banned from Ironsight Central if you are caught spectating a game which you are not playing in. 


• ANY editing of ini files which cannot be done in-game is banned 

•  Use of nvidia inspector is banned 

•  Any scripts/macros are banned  

•  Any third party software which gives you a significant advantage over others is banned (e.i esp,aimbot,no recoil .etc) 

All players must either run MOSS ( or be streaming. Players streaming must have their 'past broadcasts' public. MOSS must be ran throughout the whole game. 



If a team feels the opposing team is cheating in any way they should contact an admin. Once an admin has been contacted each player (from every team) must dump their moss files in #moss-dump (if the file is too large for discord, upload to cloud service and copy link). An admin will review each MOSS file, if a MOSS file is modified the team will be disqualified immediately. If a MOSS file is unintentionally corrupted the player must stream all of their matches afterwards. If this happens past the semifinals the team will be disqualified 



Register On Google Form:
Registration closes 23rd at midnight est (6am cest)


Double Elim

- Winners Bracket Bo3, Losers Bracket bo1

First day: May 24th
 - Best of 16, Quarterfinals (Both brackets)
Second Day: May 31st
 - Semifinals, Upper Bracket & Lower bracket final, Grand final.

Start Time

Tournament will begin 6pm CEST both days
 - Other timezones: 12pm EST, 7pm MSK


Link to the bracket will be posted 1 hour prior to start of tournament

1st Place
1x Red Diagonal Firearm Choice Box
1x Red Diagonal Attachment Choice Box
1x City Primary Choice Box
3x Community Box
300 Chips
2nd Place
1x Red Diagonal Firearm Choice Box
3x Community Box
250 Chips
3rd Place
3x Community Box
200 Chips

Team Size & Substitution

Teams can have a main roster of 5 players as well as a 6th as a sub. 6th can be subbed in at any time.